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  1. Thanks Havanholly :-) It's great to be back!
  2. Thanks FurMama :-) great tip!
  3. Hi everyone! Since I've been gone for over 3 years I thought it was timely to reintroduce myself :-) Yesterday, full of 2021 enthusiasm, I pulled out my half scale Greenleaf Fairfield from storage! Still so much to do but I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it and reconnecting with everyone. Cheers :-) PS - took me well over 15 minutes to work out how to resize my phone to ensure it's small enough to post ha ha ha
  4. So jealous Laura - I've been chasing a 1:144 scale Beacon Hill! I'm not much help with the build as i've only ever worked in 1:24 scale. Looking forward to seeing your pictures : - )
  5. Hi Drea! Welcome to the forum! You'll find a wealth of information here with many members who have done the Fairfield or other half scale projects. I'm currently towards the end of my first build - half scale Fairfield. I've given myself a christmas deadline! I've stopped and started. Gotten side tracked by making furniture and other bits and pieces. Ummmed and Arhhhhed. And I'm now up to tackling the roof! I've kept the same layout but made many alterations. Because it's a "three dimensional" dollhouse (part of it's appeal & charm) I think it can become diffic
  6. I'm very turned at the moment between the Dura Craft Heritage and the Beacon Hill. But I've also been looking at other ones too. I've made a promise to myself not to buy and commit this second one until I have finished my Fairfield : - )
  7. Hi Holly - my next build is going to be 1:12 scale. I thought my heart was set on the Beacon Hill but there are some lovely vintage Dura Craft kits which have caught my eye : - ) I've nearly finished my 1:24 scale Fairfield!
  8. Thanks Jeannine! Great advice. Now that I’ve had a little break from it I might try again or stick with the card stock lol!!!
  9. Thanks Carrie - I sent you a private message. No problems Jeannine - a lovely offer all the same.
  10. This same issue is currently driving me crazy too Ashley! If I put the pieces in place and push hard I can get them into position. I'm going to recut my pieces from card stock - feels like i'm cheating but my pacients is being tried ha ha ha
  11. Hi Carrie, Are you willing to sell your kit? You didn't leave a weblink but I'm guessing you are referring to http://www.houseofminiatures.info I'm currently collecting them all, so i'm interested in the whole kit. For my next project i'm going to hack them : - )
  12. Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase the 40051 Cupboard Top Kit. I've been scouting eBay for some time and nothing. Does anyone have one which they are willing to part with? Thanks
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