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I am getting a new member of the family


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He is such a pia! OMG! He has so much energy. Up Down Up Down This way That way. Up My leg Down my back. Up on the computer (put down) Up on the computer..lather rinse repeat.

Is this the breed or do I just have a super wired kitten?

Not knocking him at all. Just saying that he is so NONSTOP.

He is wearing me out like a newborn baby! LOL

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oci's are pretty high energy but not Jack Russell-like. This sounds like its just a case of 'baby boy'/'gotta run'! All our felines LOVE a fishing toy. The ocis will do high somersaults jumping for it. I think this boy needs a fishing toy!

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Remember, Heidi, he is still just a baby - or more likely a toddler now, and they often try and go non-stop!

As many on the forum already know, I have lived my entire life with cats. I have had many many many a kitten in my life. This one is just plain hopped up on some kitten speed I tell ya.

I put a bell on his neck so we would know where he is..that is all you hear day and night9-666666666---------------------6+ (i am leaving that there..that is his handywork, I put him down).

Just wondered if the breed is a bit more high strung then* o44444444444444444777...hmmm, down again...other breeds. I guess I better get him some more cat toys to occupy his time.

Oh here he comes!

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I'm not sure. One blurb I've read on oci's did say they need a lot of space to run, but the ones we've had just sort of go on wild rampages through the house periodically. Mammy is a very low key cat (only has one expression for all emotions :) ), but then something will charge her batteries up and she'll start dashing from one room to another. Several years ago she did this where I actually saw her run sideways across the glass windows in the diningroom. I kid you not! She was like a race car on one of those vertical curves! I'm glad we have double panes, cause she ain't a delicate dainty thing! This gal's got 'back'!

But then, all of our cats go through these wild joy rides (just no one else has gone across the windows like that, thank you God)!

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