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Pics of my Heartland Hollow house


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As a collector of these particular houses, here is what I have learned from my own searching:

1. Franklin mint doesn't make them anymore, so forget that route.

2. They are HEAVY, and sellers rarely want to ship them, so if you find one, it is usually pick up only.

3. An ebay seller might ship, but it will be expensive and be prepared for damage, as the houses are a mixture of delicate wood and castes resin, etc -- brittle and delicate-- and the heartland hollow house is HUGE

4. Check craigslist for any town you are willing to drive to. I saw a lot of these houses show up on the east coast.

5. They are very expensive houses, but you can sometimes get good deal if you look and are very patient (I waited years for the Christmas house).

6. They are gorgeous houses.

Good luck!

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Absolutely gorgeous little house. I'm really taken by the dishware you fixed up with the water slide decals. Where does someone find things like those decals. I've never seen them before. I love the look of your decorating. Fabulous!!

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Margot, one way is to use Google to find images of dinnerware patterns, save them and size them in something like your "Paint" program and tile them and print them out onto a good paper; Cover the images with several coats of clear lacquer or nail polish and gently wet and rub away the paper from the back and you have decals; or, ir they make a decal transfer paper for your printer, you can print them out on that, but I;'d be concerned with how stable the printer ink is.

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LOL I posted pics of a christmas house then saw it was YOURS!

Thanks for posting...I didn't spot the post, so that's why I started to post it..I googled the house and the pics showed up.


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