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  1. I think you need to get that house, Kells
  2. Make a gallery! I love the interiors. You don't have to go all rococo with it - you could easily do shabby french country with a little extra ooomph here and there. I'd recoomend looking at the Lea Frisoni book for ideas of how you could furnish it - she does many different styles - I love her french country chic art hoarder style in some of the photos. Just ideas! I think it's a wonderful unique looking piece. https://www.ebay.com/itm/353128857803
  3. You prompted me to take a closer look at the book! And it's interesting - Phyllis says she used pine-pattern contact paper for the floors(!!!). She says "of course, you can lay real wood floorboards if preferred". But she never instructs that in the previous building steps, so I wonder if some people just opt for easy papering at that point. I mean, I'd want to know my flooring pretty early on and she doesn't discuss until the end of the last building chapter. Then I saw her painting recommendations - She said she opted to paint her clapboards a soft green, trim is white with a little bit of green and black in it. The porch is gray enamel and the base is a compatible green with turf material applied. She painted her finished house without masking the trim pieces. Wow. That was a good trip through the book - thank you for getting me to revisit it!
  4. This made me laugh so much - I can just see the undertaker cramming the body into an L-shape. "She said she wanted this." lol lololololol
  5. It's sort of a Pepperwood Farm dollhouse on steroids to bulk it up a little bit. Wow. I love it - but it would be unwieldy (like the Pepperwood). And yes I'd fix that bathroom!! Also - I have the Remember When house book - and each house is supposed to have an interior based on the builder's nostalgia and memories. So technically they should all be different. It's funny there are so many identical houses out there.
  6. The stuff some nightmares are made of: https://www.ebay.com/itm/324727865494
  7. Definitely draw the lines, sand it then fit it, then sand again - lots of fittings and you will get it in there without much trouble. And yes - if you make a mistake and the sides are uneven, the door and interior trim will cover all that up. So no worries. Good luck and I love that new door - show us when it's done!
  8. Elsbeth


  9. Elsbeth


    Adorable and great way to handle the double door entry on a cottage - I always struggle with hallways in smaller houses, so I like that you just did the divider. Love the kitchen!!
  10. Elsbeth


    This is sooooooooo pretty!!!
  11. So 87k+ is not going to happen. But it is lovely and would easily sell for several thousand if the right audience of buyers is located, but the market isn't there for tens of thousands. But I do love it.
  12. Is that Candace Cameron Bure for someone reason?That's a funny choice.
  13. At the same time, if all the stuff comes with the house I'd kinda see that as a selling point. I know I'm in the minority there but I "get" it.
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