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  1. Etsy listing this time - interesting 1:24 english house: https://www.etsy.com/listing/582120326/bath-circus-dolls-house-miniature-124th
  2. $50 - $200 max. It's a buyers market - so you have to find the right buyers (sell at a mini-show, advertise to miniaturists). Everyone wants a deal.
  3. I love to purchase finished houses. Estate sales offer amazing deals. Just remember that miniaturists are often a frugal lot...unless they absolutely love something and even then they tend not to want to pay for it. So selling at a miniatures show gets your item in front of the right people - and you might find that perfect buyer. But shows are far and few between right now - and dwindling. It's been a buyers market for ages.
  4. I wonder if they were gauging interest and not really giving it away, or if they gave it away quickly and just never updated the listing. I really want to know who has it!!! lol
  5. So true! I had a seller who didn't ship an item to me...kept making excuses, so I read all the FAQs, and gathered all the deadlines, number of days required to wait before filing claims, etc - from Ebay, my credit card, and paypal. I gave the seller the benefit of the doubt within the timeline of when I needed to file the claims. I was very polite to them - because I wanted Ebay to be able to see I was a good buyer. When I had all my facts together, waited a reasonable amount of time after contacting the seller politely, I then told the seller I would file claims by these dates if there was n
  6. I at least want to know where it went if they did give it away! Of if they gave it away at all. I was hoping it would go to you!
  7. he dropped it to $190, lol https://www.ebay.com/itm/Baby-Doll-Sconce-Grey-Brand-New-Still-in-Box-Houzz-Sells-them-for-390-00/254823176779 that's an odd one. Maybe halloween decor - but who wants to install a wall sconce for the holidays?
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/303827818555?ul_noapp=true I love a good room box!
  9. But it only has 2 rooms. I hope it has stairs.
  10. There are dollhouse plans by Jackie Kerr Dieber for enclosed dollhouses. I see her Pepperwood Farm (my favorite) on craigslist often enough. It's a massive high ceilinged farmhouse that opens from front and the back. I love it. I have also seen people make their own "backs" for the greenleaf houses - like the Glencroft here: https://tynietoy.org/ArchiveMyCollection.html One of my all time favorite Glencrofts.
  11. I'd be offering on it too if I was nearby - Good luck! I hope you get it!
  12. I know there was a thread for this very sort of thing somewhere, but cannot find it. I came across a nice list of Dollhouses in TV and films - some I had not ever seen before. It's not comprehensive, but it's good. From 2018. I always enjoy revisiting the topic. https://www.vulture.com/2018/07/a-guide-to-delightful-and-sinister-pop-culture-dollhouses.html List of houses in article: The “Two Little Dolls” house on Sesame Street Ken’s Dream House in Toy Story 3 Phoebe Buffay’s dollhouse from Friends The dollhouse in Beatrix Potter’s “Tale of Two Bad Mice
  13. that listing had exercise equipment! Some really charming stuff in there - whoever got it got a nice haul.
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