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  1. I often build smaller scales in a quirky fashion. I often do it unintentionally, lol. But I buy the accurate beautiful detailed houses that sometimes appear for good prices - at shows or auctions. Accuracy and detail will always get my $$$ - but both get my heart.
  2. Antique hot glue from the 1920s, lol. Honestly some people.
  3. Back to the super expensive house - is that padded vinyl flooring??!? Sigh.
  4. Any idea what's going on with the multi-gabled tower in this one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Handmade-Dollhouse-Folk-Art-storybook-cottage-wood-doll-antique-house/401729424366?
  5. I wonder what research he did to make him think that is the right price? Or did RIck open up that storage unit and fall in love with that dollhouse and thinks that price is right? lol He's selling silver ingots too. Also, he only joined ebay in April 2020. Make of it what you will.
  6. Sometimes I think people who are not in the hobby, look at the style (1930s styled kitchen) and then decide it must be from that era. That's kinda funny to me. But I've seen people selling Beacon HIlls as "Victorian Antique" - when obviously it is simply styled as one.
  7. I loved this too - and the snapshot was marvelous. This was a work of love, and looks to have been loved. Love the photos.
  8. Wow - mine certainly did not have grass or flowers...must have been a different version. Congrats! OH! ON second look I was thinking it was the same as the Sugar Plum Cottage..OOPS - this one is different. Sorry for confusion! Sugar plum has paper trims, etc.
  9. I like the outside of that house in general - it looks huge, and then inside the first floor has a hallway and two rooms and that's it?! I want a separate kitchen-dining-living-hallway setup in a house that big.
  10. I had that one once - it has cardboard.paper trim for some parts. I'd pay $25 for it. I never made it. Lots of cheap wood. I am sure someone with patience and time would have done better with it. $85 is a bit high.
  11. I love a good sink-window shot!
  12. Also reminds me of this - not sizewise - but in the white with black regency look:
  13. Ooooh that was a lot of fun! I love the roof change - gives it a more gothic farmhouse feel...wow! Great online find and thank you for sharing it!
  14. Magnum PI anyone? Now we just need Higgins. https://www.ebay.com/itm/254720231893
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