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  1. Thanks for remembering me Karen. Thought I was over miniatures, WRONG! and thanks Jenn and Emily for your suggestions. I think the one on Craigslist is missing parts and is painted one color on the inside. It’s not calling out to me. I will keep looking. Have a Merry Christmas!
  2. Is there anyone who lives within 50 miles of Boston MA who would be willing to build a Beacon Hill kit for me? Member name: pats Thanks.
  3. What a great idea. After all the miserable winter weather around here, I'd like to get in there and catch some rays!!
  4. I love your lighthouse, another addition to a collection of beautiful work!
  5. I've been working on my first kit from this kind of wood and I agree that it takes getting used to. The things I learned are to handle it very gently to avoid splinters and breaking the pieces. Take time to sand as much as possible and prime everything to be painted, following up with at least 2 coats of paint. I used spray paint on trim pieces to speed things up a bit. I do think these kits are worth the time and effort because when they're done, they look much more appealing than boxy type houses made of heavier wood. They are also more affordable and easier to move around.
  6. pats

    Trail Class Props

    Wow, makes me want to go learn to ride!
  7. Welcome Laura. I'm working on an Orchid now, my first Greenleaf house, and it's going well. There is lots of help and sharing here and I think you'll be doing the same sooner than you think.
  8. pats

    a little more

    My progress is so slow I'm wondering if I should even bother to post an entry. But it's keeping me working on the build, so I'll just add a picture when I get a little more done.
  9. I love your rug, great colors! And glad you're feeling better. I have a rug that was woven with sock yarn on a floor loom and the scale looks pretty decent.
  10. ......but we stayed warm and cozy inside.
  11. pats

    coming along

    Dividing time between the weaving studio and working on the dollhouse, so it's going slow. I'm also realizing that I probably have ADD because I can only spend a few hours on any one thing. I take a break with something else, then go back next day. Whatever works, right? At least the house is out of the closet!
  12. I guess I'd better check the fit of that back roof before I go any further. Hope it works out for you Roxie.
  13. I agree with Jackie: getting electrical brads and eyelets into mdf is very difficult.
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