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Pics of my Heartland Hollow house


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There is something about this house I find very charming - which is funny because I'm not a big Wysocki fan. I don't much care for his prints, but I really like the folksy dollhouse he inspired.

I got the house and furniture on ebay for a much better price than the Franklin Mint would ever want to admit. I kept it furnished as is, but added some little things.

It was hard to get good light, so everything is rather yellow, but you get the idea:


I love the fireplace!


The stairs are partially open on each side - so you can see into the parlor from the landing.

I recovered some cheap china with some water slide decals for the bedroom:


And for thanksgiving, I made a special spode turkey serving dish:


I love a good fireplace mantle:


And on the porch we have some very bright rocking chairs:


And some odd looking shrubbery.

More pics in my gallery.

I need to put some pumpkins out on that porch.

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They are pricey...but you can find them on craigslist or ebay for less than half of what they originally went for. That is still pricey, though...

But I did the math, and if I tried to buy the furniture and redo a house to look like the HH house, it would cost as much or more...so...I gave into the call of the house and ended up with it.

I found my Hummingbird cottage at a coin shop (someone had abandoned it), and Heartland Hollow on ebay (a really nice ebayer). I had searched craigslist for Heartland Hollow and saw several show up in New Jersey for $300. Which is amazing for what you get. Alas, I was on the other side of the continent! I figured it was fate when it showed up on ebay and the seller was willing to ship.

Anyway - they are pretty.

Forgive me - I could chatter on and on about them - but I will take more pics instead!


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I've been crazy about the Franklin Mint dollhouses for some time. I don't have one . . . but if I ever get the chance, I will! I really love yours, and that Spode turkey platter is beautiful! I can't believe you've ever seen these houses in the $300 range - they have always been WAY higher when I've seen them - even on ebay!

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Such a gorgeous house and the spode platter looks perfect in there! I know I have seen a resin house with the DollHouse Emporium...

Hugs and thanks for sharing it with us!

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Actually, this one has more wood in it's construction than Hummingbird Cottage - which isalmost all resin. In Hummingbird the floors and wall panels and even the stair case rail is resin mold. It's like a giant Lilliput lane house almost. And it's heaaaaaavvvvy!

Heartland Hollow is also heavy - but it's a larger house and has more wood (they must have figured out it was cheaper to just use wood beams instead of casting and painting them). The fireplaces are all resin, and I think the siding is molded resin or resin covered...not sure yet...but the staircase and floors and trim are all wood.

I also think the Franklin Mint folks use the cheapest wallpaper...it doesn't look good to me. And they sold these houses for $1500 - $2000 - but used cheap looking glossy paper.

There were 4 houses:

Rose Cottage and Hummingbird cottage (almost identical)

Heartland Hollow

Christmas Memories

Christmas memories looks gorgeous - it's a detailed brownstone type building of 4 stories. I wish that one would show up on craigslist, too!

I've seen pics of the resin house offered by Dollhouse Emporium - it looks lovely - and has electricity but no furnishings (I like that most of the Franklin Mint houses can be found on the market with all the furnishings!). I think they sell the DHE house for $2100. While I love these houses, I will only be able to afford them at garage sales and craigslist when people are trying to unload those heavy poorly wallpapered behemoths.

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So are the furniture and accesories resin too? Ive seen the Rose Cottage on ebay,its been a few years but remember it was well over $500.

Yours is beautiful,that detail is amazing,and Im with you,I love that mantle. Is there a website we can look at all of them?

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That the funny thing - it seems almost impossible to track down any photos on the web of these houses. The place I foudn the most photos is here:


They have catalog shots and "real" pics of Rose Cottage (it reminds me of the house in the animated Alice in Wonderland movie - the one the white rabbit lives in).

I saw a Rose Cottage without furniture for $500 once...I was so tempted because I love how cozy it is, but I had to look away. ROse Cottage is much more pastel than Hummingbid Cottage - and I love the tile roof on the Hummingbird house.

I wish someone would post photos of their Christmas Memories house - that is the mystery house - I can't find real photos of the interior anywhere. I did see on ebay someone is selling the roof section of that house as a "roombox". I can't imagine taking that brownstone apart and selling a piece!!

The furniture is wooden (and really very detailed) wooden dollhouse furniture - the accessories are things I have seen at DHE and HBS. It's certainly not bespaq, but in many cases it's a few steps above the normal stuff, and some of it seems very unique. I love the orange kitchen chairs in the Heartland house.

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  • 2 years later...

I know this is an old thread but reading through it I thought you might like to see some pics of my new house!

I live in NE Scotland about 30 miles North of Aberdeen pretty rural so not many DH's come up for same near me so when I saw this one at the weekend I had to have it!

When I bought it I didn't actually realise it was a Franklin mint house just thought it was a Christmas inspired DH but as you can see its the Christmas Memories one, so I did a little internet research which didn't help much but lead me to this thread so thought I would share it with you.

I was torn as to whether to keep it as it should be or do my own thing as I originally plannned and in the end decided it was no fun to put everything in and leave it at that so I have changed things round a little. I have the leaflet showing where everything should be so I can always put it back but can't see that I will ever part with it!

I moved the desk to the 1st floor and will make the downstairs a small galley kitchen as it doesnt have one, will also add more furniture and much more to the Christmas theme. The photos are just the initial house and furniture before all the bits and pieces are added. Can't wait to get started got lots of Christmassy ideas and its the perfect time of year to be doing it!

It really is a lovely house :-)

Here is a Facebook link as its quicker than up loading all the individual pics


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Thank you for posting photos of your Christmas memories house!!

I love seeing real photos of these houses--and for some reason it is really hard to find much on them.

Since this original thread, I too found one of these brownstones, and there are photos in my gallery.

I also have the Hummingbird cottage, which is wonderful.

Each Franklin mint house is very different, and I am hooked!

They often appear on craigslist for reduced prices...still spendy but worth it (to me).

I think the cottage is my very favorite.

But ilove them all.

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The cottage really is lovely, the Heartland Hollow is fab I did have a look on Ebay UK and there are one two about just a long way from here! Have to say I got a bargain with this one I paid £150 which is around $240 not that that had anything to do with buying it really I just fell in love with it :D

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