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What did Batrie make for d.houses?

Guest Nathaniel

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Guest Nathaniel

I found an elderly woman at a tag sale that says she is selling her Batrie dollhouse and TONS of high quality miniatures with it. I made an appointment with her to come see everything she has this coming Friday afternoon (6-27-08), between 1 and 2pm. Im excited to at least see what she has! But, I have never heard of Batrie dollhouses. She said she got it in the 80's, and its a huge house but does not know the name of it. I did a search on Google and it looks like Batrie made Real Good Toys houses like the Newport and stuff. But, i think they went out of business. Is Batrie the old name of the now Real Good Toys company? Im confused... Can someone please clarify???



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Guest Nathaniel

oh, i think I answered my own question.. Looks like RGT did purchase Batrie years ago, and now RGT makes alot of the houses that Batrie originally made...

( i did some more research)

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I googled batrie and got a local graigslist with the williamsburg and furniture for sale .

Gorgeous Dollhouse Doll house REAL Vintage Batrie Williams kit EXTRAS! - $275 (East Mesa)

Reply to: sale-726068841@craigslist.org

Date: 2008-06-19, 8:45PM MST

**Price just reduced because we need the garage space =)

Partially constructed collectible vintage BATRIE Williamsburg Dollhouse model DH-86K (RETAIL, $300 APPROX alone just for the doll house, NEW)

*comes with original instruction manual (27 pages)

*Features 8+ living areas/rooms with individually collected furniture for most areas and odds & ends.

*Includes Tons of Concord miniatures 1" to 1" scale, at least 4 or 5 of them still have the Concord box. (Retail $10-$20 each, approx)

*several sheets of printed wallpaper (unused)

*Hundreds of wood pieces; stairs, trims, mouldings, knobs, drawers, railings that haven't been put up yet.

1- New in Package/sealed, 8inch round wool crocheted rug by the Rampage Company.

1- Tiffany Lamp with instructions

2- Christmas Wreaths (I believe this came with a separate Elect-a-lite Christmas light kit which may still be in there)

Some of the magnificent Concord invidivual furniture pieces are:

*Red velvet couch, settee, rocking chair, Grandfather clock, beds, tables, kitchen appliances,sewing table,end/dining tables,chairs, desks, hutch,baby nursery (estimated at least $100-$200 worth or furniture pieces)

*Two Tiffany lamps, one partially connected

Complete with ELECT-A-LITE ULTRA DOLL HOUSE LIGHTING KIT, 12 volt system, with box,instructions,pieces,etc...

and the following books/catalogs:

Instruction/ Design catalogue " Mini dressings for Mini Rooms" by Jackie Stephens, 1976

"Miniature Rooms", by Mrs. James Ward Thorne, A Nice Colored Paperback book from the Phoenix Art Museum 1972

"Petite Needlecraft" by Linda Lea Kaufmann, Instructions and patterns for dollhouse accessories.

*This unique dollhouse was put together in the 80's so some of the very small trim pieces might be missing or broken or minor imperfections might be present as with all vintage items. I'm sure this is underpriced, but hubby says it's time to pass this on to someone who has the time to finish it beautifully. If you have any questions, or would like to see additional pictures, please let me know

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Guest Nathaniel
Let us know what you get :D

Well I dont think I will get the house. Unless shes selling it for dirt cheap which I doubt. She says she has tons of REALLY expensive high end minis, older pieces. Im dying to see what they are. I dont think she is selling everything though. just some stuff.. I cant wait till Friday afternoon!!!

I remember Batrie...they made some nice houses. I wondered what ever happened to them.

Apparently Real Good Toys bought them out...

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