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  1. Hey Gang...........I'm a little late to the party, but just a little to add. I have used the cake bags and tips for crown moldings, corbels, ceilings, etc. I use the modelling paste in the art department at Hob Lob. When it is dry, it can be carved, sanded, etc. Yet you can "pipe" onto wal paper and it will be pliable when you lift it off. Cool stuff. This is an awesome way to side a house, and love that the drywall mud works as it would be cheaper! Oops, meant to say wax paper....it's not letting me go in and edit................
  2. From my girlfriends back office window you can see the neighbors screened porch and a dusty dirty old unfinished beg dollhouse. I finally went over and knocked on the door, said the "ok, this is going to sound crazy, but....". She showed me the house and said that someday her sister wants to finish it. But there it sits.....poor baby
  3. what are you using for your grout? The bricks look fantastic! I can never get my egg carton bricks that clean!
  4. is it the Mayberry Street flooring? I have used those alot, but never had any sticky backs....there is a paper backing to hold them together....at least the ones that I have used. I cut with saw or knife to fit my template and use double sided stick tape. Works GREAT!
  5. Your Grandma must have been hilarious! Too funny, and yes....ewwww!
  6. oh, I want this for my granddaughter!
  7. fantastic job! My grand daughter and I have been planning a creepy house for some time. Great inspiration. Nailed it!
  8. I've never had a problem w/ the hob lob moldings. Try the scroll saw.......maybe put in a new blade. Good luck!
  9. fantail

    I met Blanche

    Or Blanche in this case!!! sorry :groucho:
  10. I just had to add, that I had a customer bring in a picture of your avatar to have me digitize it for embroidery for their smoke/conveinence shop here in town....it has your picture, then the name of their shop underneath and we embroidered it on shirts for them. Just thought that was kinda cool!
  11. I'm working on my manchester from Craig's list right now.....I really love this house.
  12. Welcome fellow Kansan! You'll have a blast here! Where in Kansas are you from? There are two of us on this forum that live in Hutchinson, and one in Topeka, and I know I'm missing some......
  13. And I just got one from Craig's list as well!!! $35.00 dollars.........it is a cute, cute house!
  14. My mom gave me a pillow that says "Creative minds are rarely tidy..." Think moms is trying to tell me something?
  15. Why yes, I do believe I shall get out of bed tomorrow morning. It does make you feel a bit better, eh?
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