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Chris P.

This is how it looks with the stairs that come with the kit (forgive the blue tape). They are sweet but they take up a lot of room that could be used for furniture and decorations. There is no place for the hutch aside from in front of the window, which I don't care for.

Other ideas are in the following photos.

From the album:

Stairway Options

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What about disappearing attic stairs. I used those in my McKinley. Rope ladder sounds cute. When they're up in bedroom, they could pull up ladder for "privacy".

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Since we're in a magical world here, how about a magical tree going up to the second floor.....a tree that almost has steps. How divine! :)

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Pat, was that your house I saw the folding attic stairs in? I loved that when I saw it and it brought so many childhood memories, as we had the same arrangement. Out attic made such a fine hide-away for my brother and I. And I love your chickens, too.

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I know, Alexander, and I debated putting anything in on that account. But then, remembering my dollhouse playing days, things like stairs were fun to have. With some kind of stair, ladder, vine, at least they have options if they have a wing-ache or something,

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How about a ladder, maybe made of twigs lashed together with twine, or a spiral staircase? Both these take up a lot less floor space.

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