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    I have many interests. Building a doll house is my new venture out into making things. I also knit and sew, and I am learning how to crochet.

    I love playing music and play piano, flamenco guitar, folk guitar, electric bass, ukelele, and I am learning how to play mandolin.

    I teach school and continue to be interested in how people learn and what motivates each of us to learn new skills.

    My husband and I also enjoy growing an organic garden, and have a small flock of chickens.

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  1. Looking forward to going today. Hopefully. My niece had jet lag and is still on Alaska time. 5:00 am here, and neither of us has gotten any sleep.
  2. Dollhouses are cat magnets. My cat loves hanging out in dollhouses.
  3. Welcome back, Roxie. I am glad your hand is healing up. It is so frustrating not to have full use of our hands. I agree, getting back to projects will likely be good for your hand, but take on projects slowly as you heal.
  4. I agree with Gloria. You were obviously meant to get the second one; it's much nicer.
  5. They came out great, Sam! I have been trying to make some wallpaper decisions. There is much I know what I want to do, but that tiny hall... I'm working on it. Here's one idea: I borrowed furniture from another house because it won't just be a bare wall there. Is it too dark with this paper? I'll have to play with some brighter wallpaper. This one looks kind of sweet and antique-y. I'm also trying to figure out if I want to get brave and try wiring.
  6. I love it! Thanks for the link... I have been wanting a good spinning wheel.
  7. This is the part that totally has me baffled. :-(
  8. Chris P.


    It's looking so great. As I work on mine, I know just what you mean about fun and frustrating! This one is a bit tough to get together, yet it is a totally cool house with so many possibilities.
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