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  1. Pat


    I too can't stop going back and looking at it again and again. You gave me some great idea for being able to order classy 1/24 scale items.....I'm so excited and now broke.
  2. It would look great in the attic of the 1/24 scale Fairfield..I love that dollhouse.
  3. Pat

    Burn out

    Thank you all for your mental support.....I'm so glad I'm not alone.....I do know about the weight aspect of it and getting lost in time working on them. My watch broke so I put my kitchen timer on so that whoops all of a sudden the sun is sinking......I had bought white textured ceiling wallpaper years ago and I put it on the walls of my Tudor and it looks great and really works with Tudor look and dark molding......this helped get me in the groove again and excited about finishing.....
  4. Pat

    Burn out

    I planned on doing so much with dollhouses I'm working on while recuperating from knee surgery.....that was 2 years ago and I just had no desire to work on them.....and then about 2 weeks ago I couldn't wait to start on them again.....go figure? Finally conquering my Rich Tudor childhood dollhouse and then on to Fairfield....has anyone ever experienced this type of burnout?
  5. Wow! Lucky you. Love the layout and size of rooms. Great staircase.
  6. Oh my gosh! So many tempting suggestions. The stones on the plastic sheet are raised and have a texture look to them. I had forgotten about textured paint.....used that once on shoebox for a mini bathroom and that came out nice! Thank you for all your input!
  7. Thanks for your quick response. Flat spray primer will be my 1st item on shopping list.
  8. I bought 1/2 scale coarsed stone plastic sheets to finish Fairfield exterior. It's white plastic. How would you begin to finish the siding. I'd like it to be white/very light gray. Would I do a dark gray all over then wipe off stone so it's darker groat and then try to do the stones.....never worked on these plastic sheets before (15" x 15"). It is very hard to find siding like for 1/2 scale. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Camera not working but I had downloaded this photo in NYC where Goodbye Girl was filmed. That is the stone.
  9. Perfection! Unfortunately it makes me want to go back NYC and an apt in brownstone I lived in on Upper west side!
  10. Pat


    I love his markings! I adore that burro foal....if that doesn't put a smile on your face, nothing will. So precious.
  11. Pat

    The Clock Makers Workshop 1.

    Wonderful work and the attention to detail is lovely.
  12. You almost gave me a heart attack when you mentioned a dog for sale on line, i.e. E-Bay....thank goodness it was an adorable pomeranian that lives in a wonderful miniature dollhouse world.
  13. Also amazed at beauty of your floors, also. In the rescue world, I'm known as "Failed Foster". My e-mail address says it all.....tailsend.... I'm so surprised at how many people in forum do rescue and it's so rewarding. To see ainimals formerly abandoned, abused, neglected and just plain in an inappropriate environment now know the meaning of love and comfort. I makes you feel great! Just try to keep the eyes of those I couldn't help from appearing before my eyes.
  14. Love the wallpaper and the white trim works perfectly. Love thought of cozy, nook or peaceful get-away corner where you can think of all the greyhounds you rescued and placed in wonderful new forever homes. Did you ever have a greyhound off the track that knew how to sit?
  15. Pat

    Sick kitty

    Hug to you and prayers for Nova. It is always so frustrating when one of our "fur" members of our family are sick.....you feel so helpless.
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