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  1. Deb, please keep trying. I continue to receive emails.
  2. hello, please excuse me for intruding, but I am receiving an email every time some posts on this thread. I left the forum years ago. I have sent an email asking admin to remove my email address, but I continue to receive them. I have changed my email preferences to once a week, and I continue to receive them each time one is posted. Help!!
  3. I love this design, Debora. I agree with the textured paint idea, too.
  4. Jeremy, I am so very sorry about your houses - your work of art!
  5. I finished my house today, and was looking forward to posting pictures. I'll wait and see how things turn out here.
  6. Merry

    003 - Copy (3).JPG

    I'm going to be watching your wonderful house for sure! :yes:
  7. Merry


    Beautiful and cute!!
  8. Merry

    Aging Experiment

    This is soooooo cute! I love your work.
  9. I've done that before.....use the wrong paint, that is. The color is very pretty. Do you want to make it lighter and repaint it? I love picking out colors, and I'll be watching to see which colors you use! :yes:
  10. Thank you soooo much!! :wub: I'm glad I'm not the only one. Thank you for making me feel better. I'm am so close to finishing my house that I keep thinking that it will be finished that day, but it is taking longer than I thought. In the meantime I've let my house go, and there is major dust on everything in my house. But all that matters to me is my dollhouse! I'm beginning to wonder if I've seriously gone over the edge. EEK!! EEK!! EEK!!
  11. I'm working on installing my stairs. Then, believe it or not, my house will be FINISHED!!!! Then, I get to clean my real house! It needs it so badly, but I MUST finish my dollhouse. I'm so excited that I'm so close to it!! :wub: However, installing the stairs scare me! EEK! EEK! EEK! :hide:
  12. Merry

    Chateau De Villette

    A very real touch. It seems to work so well because your room is not busy, yet the scene is rather busy, yet divine. You get the best of both worlds without it being overwhelming. :yes:
  13. Merry

    better shot here

    Oh!!!! I LOVE everything! The chairs, the wallpaper, the stemware. I could go on and on and on forever and ever!
  14. Merry


    Well, DUH!!!! You had already thought of a vine! I'm sorry. Please excuse my suggestion for the very same thing!!
  15. Merry


    Since we're in a magical world here, how about a magical tree going up to the second floor.....a tree that almost has steps. How divine!
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