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  1. Deb, please keep trying. I continue to receive emails.
  2. hello, please excuse me for intruding, but I am receiving an email every time some posts on this thread. I left the forum years ago. I have sent an email asking admin to remove my email address, but I continue to receive them. I have changed my email preferences to once a week, and I continue to receive them each time one is posted. Help!!
  3. It is very difficult to leave a forum, and yesterday was an emotional day for me. This forum was a part of my life for three years. I had not remembered to change my settings so that I would not be receiving any more email notifications. So, I have corrected that. In reading the replies I've always wanted to clarify what I'm trying to say, because it has always bothered me when people do not "get" what I'm saying. So, for me, I am saying this one more time: Forget the security of facebook; I want no part of facebook. When someone cuts and pastes or has a button to click and adds this forum link to facebook - I'm on facebook even though I HATE facebook and DO NOT WANT TO BE ON FACEBOOK. I'm given no choice in the matter. It's not just about dollhouses. It's the PRINCIPLE of the whole thing. I should not have to be on facebook if I don't want to be! I, too, had no idea that people were copying and pasting this forum's link to facebook. I always figured it was an unethical thing to do, and I never thought past that. As for me leaving the forum - I've finished my dollhouse, but dollhouses are not my life. I am talented in many ways, not just in building a dollhouse. I plan on pursuing other interests. So, I'm just moving on. I am disappointed in my friends who do not respect my feelings about this. I'm sorry that you cannot understand, but I would appreciate your acceptance of what I believe, and leave it at that.
  4. Before I leave I want to thank each and every one of you who have helped me with my Woodstock dollhouse. As many of you may know, I bought the kit 18 years ago, and I just finished it, including the interior, a few days ago. I couldn't have finished it without you. From flooring to crown molding to electrification this forum helped me to make an extraordinary house. I have been blessed to have made so many great friends on this forum. Friends who were always there to pick me up, and friends who encouraged me to keep going. I had hoped to show you what I considered the best rooms - my living room and the eccentric aunt's third floor suite. I'm really proud of them. :yes: The new up-to-date forum is going to be wonderful. I've already found that it's going to be much more fun than the old forum. However, it is my sincere belief that my work and my words should not have to be subject to being put on facebook even if it's via a link. If I wanted my works and words on facebook, I'd put them there myself. I'm sorry for those of you who cannot "hear" what I'm saying. Thank you again, everyone, for what to me was the best forum ever. It was a great three years. There is no need to reply to this posting. I do not want to have to sign in again. I simply didn't want to leave without you knowing how you have blessed my life, and made a dream come true. Love to each of you, Mary
  5. Okay, I will say this one more time so everyone may understand what I'm saying. First of all, I understand that this forum can be seen by googling at whatever. I'm really more computer savvy than you all must think. I DO NOT WANT TO BE A PART OF FACEBOOK. Yet, if someone shares a post of this forum on facebook there is a link....a connection....I'm on facebook whether I want to be or not, and whether I'm a member or not, even though it's through a link. I cannot say it any plainer than that. This forum is not going to change because I don't like facebook; I realize that. But, when it comes to facebook, where there's a link there's a connection.
  6. I also thank you for posting about this new dremel tool. Sounds like a goodie!
  7. I'm no expert on applying hinges. I could explain but why embarrass myself?!?!! Your hinges are sooooo cute! They'll look incredible on your door. :yes:
  8. I couldn't handle it. No way. I would have beat it out of my husband by now!!
  9. I love this design, Debora. I agree with the textured paint idea, too.
  10. Jeremy, I am so very sorry about your houses - your work of art!
  11. Of course we care, Amanda! I find that one of your most endearing qualities is that when you feel, you really feel. I like that in a person! :yes:
  12. Thank you, Amanda. That would certainly explain what happened. But, of course, that's exactly what I'm trying to convey concerning trust issues with facebook. The fact that they would go into someone's email is an intrusion to say the least. And, if other sites do the same, it's still an intrusion and still wrong and still a security breach.
  13. I was invited by a friend on this forum (which was fine). She lives in another state, and didn't know my friends or relatives. What freaked me out was the facebook email invitation which showed my family and my friends. The friends that invited me knew nothing of them. Nothing. I KNOW that there has to be some phishing of some sort there.
  14. I once received an email from facebook (I was not a member). The email included people on facebook that I may know. Some how, some way, facebook's email told me about my daughter-in-law's facebook connection, and three other people I know and email frequently. My daughter-in-law had not given facebook my email address, and the other people did not as well. I continued to get emails telling me about people I know. I finally had to contact facebook to tell them to stop it, which they did. I don't trust facebook to ask for permission about anything. Perhaps that's my proplem, and perhaps I'm right. Perhaps I'm not. The bottom line for me is that I want no connection to facebook. I have chosen to not be a member of facebook. Yet, anything I may say or post on the forum can be linked to facebook. It's just a bit cheesy to me.
  15. I understand that the forum now has a "Share This Topic" feature which enables one to post a link on their facebook page to our forum. I have always understood the fact that anyone on the internet can see our posts, pictures, etc. - that's not my concern. My concern is linking to facebook. Am I correct in believing that posting a link to our forum on a facebook page connects addresses? Am I correct that facebook has the capability to see our individual IP addresses? I don't think that's too far fetched in believing so. I frankly don't know. Those of you who are really computer savy, please help me to understand more about this. Please help with the computer linking facts of a situation like this.
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