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Items & furniture I made for my dollhouse

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Yes, we also refer to rabbit cages as hutches, but we also refer to an open shelved china cabinet like the one you created here as a hutch. "any of various chestlike cabinets, raised on legs and having doors or drawers in front, sometimes with open shelves above." Nice hutch, Alex!

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LOL - no rabbits in that hutch then. We call them welsh dressers over here but I've been around this site so long I'm used to some of the terminology but occassionally I have to ask too - especially when its a product name that we don't get over here such as spackle - er spackle - what on earth is spackle (its a sort of wall/crack filler)

btw - very nice welsh dresser.

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Yes, semantics can be a "hoot"(a laugh). But though your cabinet is very nice-the copper kettles are to die for.I don't think I've ever seemn them before! :wave:

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They were attached into a refrigerator magnetic :o When I saw them shinning in the light I bought it instantly.I detached them and here is the result :unsure:

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