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  1. Jo,just wanted you to know that Halfpint , Rebecca Claire Matthews is still happily married to Daniel,still has the cute kids and they live in a ranch house now.....thank you :)
  2. Hi Holly,hope you are well. I've missed you guys but just tangled up in life , lol. We moved last spring and although we're loving the new place it's just been one thing after another.I am hoping the new kit will hurry up,I can't wait to start. The tiny house was fun but actually a bit smaller than I love . Hard to work on. It of course has removable roofs and the second floor and third are removable.I still can't seen to leave anything as is https://www.banggood.com/Iiecreate-K-019-Helen-The-Other-Shore-DIY-Dollhouse-With-Furniture-Light-Music-Cover-Gift-House-Toy-p-1239696.h
  3. How's everyone ? What's everyone working on ? I am sorry to hear about Selkie and Wolfie .Two sweet,talented ladies...... Not working on anything right now.I've ordered a Cuteroom 1:24 house ,but,it's taking three weeks arrive.I can't wait to try my hand at it. I still have a Leon Victorian (laser dollhouses) and a Fairfield in the boxes just not ready to jump in yet,lol Look forward to hearing what you guys are up to. April here's one of my latest projects , completely from scratch.
  4. I love Sherman Arthur's story and his camper
  5. she's lovely too......Disney eat your heart out !!!!
  6. She's ready and he's not and she is smiling? LOL,Jo you did a great job...as always
  7. DHGranny

    red roof quarter scale

    this is a foamcore/cardboard ranch...completely handmade
  8. DHGranny

    Arrow 10 Room Dream House

    This is the beginning of the build.I want to SCREAM.It was an opened kit and many of the pieces have been punched out,soooooo,here I go.Good thing I'm not afraid to substitue or change things...drastically :)
  9. the brown glob in the upper,left corner is my hair.....
  10. it looks great...the Fairfield is a wonderful house.
  11. DHGranny


    love the floors !!
  12. I love this house and adore your residents
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