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The Barrington


I have a love/hate relationship with this tab & slot house. It has been a source of joy and pure frustration! And right now I need to do a rehab job because in the 5 years that it sat vacant, it had some "little visitors" that messed up all the carpeting!! eeewwww! And when I went to finally finish the roofing, I realized that I had apparently run out! My goal: finish this beauty by January 1, 2012!

From the album:

Artply Barrington Victorian

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I totally sympathize with with the messed up carpet. My cat decided that the only room in my dollhouse with the white carpet was to be his room and managed to create a large dirty spot in the very center of the carpet :doh: (he's an indoor/ outdoor cat). Still, the upside is you and I have a great excuse to redecorate. :thumb:

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:( :( :( :( i had to sell my Barrington as it was too big for my real life house....but good luck with yours...its a great house and rare too :D
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Well, it may have taken a long time to work on but you've done a great job-so far!! The colors are divine!! :wave:

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