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  1. I haven't seen it, but someone else posted about this (raving about it) on Facebook. For me, it doesn't matter what type of floor I use, I always use a template so that I can pull my floor up easy if I have an electrical issue. Plus, it doesn't damage the flooring as a whole!
  2. This is super cute!! Lol. Perfect backdrop!!! :-)
  3. I have searched the forums and cannot find the answer, so here I am! Hi Everyone!!! I am working on a front-opening Country Victorian dollhouse. When I received it, someone had already wired the front opening with the tapewire and made sure that it was connected to the hinges. Now, my issue is, I have no clue as to how to start the regular tapewire process and how to connect the two. Do I go ahead and put the junction splice and tapewire in the house as normal, but connect the new tapewire run to the hinges that already have the tapewire? I checked the handy dandy Greenleaf Gazette and only see an article for hybrid wiring and not tapewiring with a front opening-like how do you start after the front-opening has already been done? Here are pics of what I mean... Thanks everyone, truly appreciated. I can't continue to put this house together for my cousin until I get it wired correctly!! :-) *And I am up for the challenge!!! **I hope this makes sense! Bre
  4. Beautifully done! I love the Queen Anne. I finally got one after 10+ years of dreaming and wishing!!
  5. I am SO impressed; you said this is made of foamboard??? WOWSERS!!!! <3
  6. Brezavaqt


    I love this!! What are your spindles made from?!
  7. You read my mind...because I was wondering if you had some!! :-) I'll go check them out now!!
  8. Thank you SO much!! I realized that I had this book and looked it up. YOU are the best, even still. I love this mini community. Again, thank you tremendously, just for taking the time to assist me. I'm going to check your gallery; I want to see your progress using the cardboard and foamboard. I've seen some really outstanding houses made from these materials! Bre
  9. Hi Mary- Did you ever get the instructions for this house? I just acquired one and although it's already assembled, I need to assemble the porch railings. I will reach out to RGT, but wanted to see if you were successful. Thanks so much. Bre
  10. There was supposed to only have been 500 made! :-) Yay for us!!
  11. Brezavaqt

    The Beauty.jpg

    I had been waiting approx. 10 years to own one. Lol. I just couldn't make myself spend $1700 for the new one. :-)
  12. Brezavaqt

    Queen Anne (RGT)

    After wishing and dreaming for 10+ years, I finally became the proud owner of a Queen Anne dollhouse! Purchased for a little of nothing and major rehab to be done...I'm up for the challenge and love this house already!
  13. Brezavaqt

    Ext Townhouse3.jpg

    Cute dolls!!!
  14. Hi Asherah- I have all RGT houses and they are all electrified. I use electrical tape on all connections and sometimes I will solder the connections; depends on what the fixture is and how easily accessible it is to change a bulb. The hollow brass eyelets are really good for holding the wiring. But, you will have to use the pilot hole punch to get it in there. Everyone has given great advice and there are tons of how-to's on youtube and the likes. Good luck and we can't wait to see your work!! :-) Bre
  15. Brezavaqt

    Hole in the roof

    I don't know how I missed this pic, seeing as how I'm constantly on your blog and going over every single mini detail!!! This is fantastic!! Such great detail. I love it!
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