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  1. I truly appreciate your photos. I've had this house in my garage for over 5 years...just sitting because I was so frustrated with the build. You have inspired me to finish it!! THANK YOU!! <3
  2. This forum is so dope!!! I was looking for the same instructions because it's been years since I worked on my farmhouse. I searched the internet and found someone selling the instructions for $6.99. I'm not knocking anyone's hustle...but ummmmmm...it's so nice to know I am among FRIENDS. Lol. Thankful to be a part of this forum.
  3. Just curious...has anyone heard from Myra and the possibility of the Timberbrook line? I am searching for windows and am having NO luck. :-(
  4. I just acquired one today for $30!! I am so pleased to see yours!!
  5. WOW!!!! This is awesome!!! :-)
  6. You have done a fantastic job on this house!!! Thank you for the inspiration. Ironically, I pulled my incomplete one out yesterday and said I was going to attempt to complete it. Dura-Craft are not easy to put together; you have made this look SO easy. So, know that I am doing a bow to you. And welcome to the group! You have definitely started out in here with a BANG!! :-)
  7. Very impressive job with the shingles!!
  8. Thank you for the inspiration. I just pulled this one out of the garage to finally complete. You have given me hope!
  9. Outstanding job hiding the tapewire!!
  10. I haven't seen it, but someone else posted about this (raving about it) on Facebook. For me, it doesn't matter what type of floor I use, I always use a template so that I can pull my floor up easy if I have an electrical issue. Plus, it doesn't damage the flooring as a whole!
  11. This is super cute!! Lol. Perfect backdrop!!! :-)
  12. I have searched the forums and cannot find the answer, so here I am! Hi Everyone!!! I am working on a front-opening Country Victorian dollhouse. When I received it, someone had already wired the front opening with the tapewire and made sure that it was connected to the hinges. Now, my issue is, I have no clue as to how to start the regular tapewire process and how to connect the two. Do I go ahead and put the junction splice and tapewire in the house as normal, but connect the new tapewire run to the hinges that already have the tapewire? I checked the handy dandy Greenleaf Gazette and only see an article for hybrid wiring and not tapewiring with a front opening-like how do you start after the front-opening has already been done? Here are pics of what I mean... Thanks everyone, truly appreciated. I can't continue to put this house together for my cousin until I get it wired correctly!! :-) *And I am up for the challenge!!! **I hope this makes sense! Bre
  13. Beautifully done! I love the Queen Anne. I finally got one after 10+ years of dreaming and wishing!!
  14. I am SO impressed; you said this is made of foamboard??? WOWSERS!!!! <3
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