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  1. Unfortunately my Mom passed recently. She did pour her own molds and even made some of her own molds.
  2. deb's designs

    Julia's Dolls

    Porcelain Dolls that my mom made from scratch and molds.
  3. Love the fine art books. Very nice work.
  4. Wow, the kitchen is KILLER! I love the bigger sized diamond panes in the windows. The drop ceiling is also a nice touch, you've got a nice combination of Tudor and modern elements.
  5. This has to be the most incredible room I've seen!
  6. Jeremy, I am so sorry to hear about the damage on both of your houses. I can't imagine how frustrating that must be. I'm glad they weren't completely lost, as they are certainly worth repairing.
  7. The balcony is an AWESOME addition to your house! You do incredible work. I like your color choice too.
  8. Wow, I love the look of your roof!
  9. deb's designs


    Love everything you have done so far! This house is going to be FANTASTIC!
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