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  1. That is stunning. I love all the detail you put on your houses.
  2. That's stunning. Absolutely beautiful.
  3. pbnhoney

    Option 2

    The differences in the size of the windows can easily be de-emphasized with curtains.
  4. Everything looks fantastic, but I vote for diamond panes.
  5. It's more about how you put things on a wall, than how many things you put on a wall. I think you did a great job. I love groupings and everything looks well balanced. What a strange little pet-peeve. Mine is wet counter tops; I can't stand setting something down and realizing my stuff has gotten all wet.
  6. pbnhoney

    The pantry!

    Looks space efficient. A good pantry is a must have in any kitchen.
  7. pbnhoney


    Wow! What realism! You really do fantastic work.
  8. I've found the best result for painting balsa is to use a very, very, very thin coat of paint, let it dry completely and then repeat. Basically, introduce the smallest amount of moisture to the wood as possible. BTW, really like the railings. Great job.
  9. pbnhoney

    new inspiration

    I really, really like this look. Great job on the design.
  10. Were I 5.5 inches tall I would defiantly want to come here for tea and a pastry. Looks fabulous.
  11. pbnhoney

    Parlor Room

    It does look great. Very unique. :thumb:
  12. Very cute family. It could be a family of a single/widowed mom and her five kids, or a young mother and father with their three girls and grandma. Either way, a lovely family.
  13. pbnhoney

    Madurai Roof

    It looks completely stunning.
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