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Miniature enthusiast, but first time kit builder

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Hello everyone, and greetings from Tx. My name is Rowan, and I've been playing with miniatures for about a year now. My introduction was through fairy houses, but I got bored with sticking to exteriors. I've been falling deeper into the rabbit hole of dioramas, boomboxes, and dollhouses since then.

My current projects are:

A artist studio roombox built into a glass lantern. I made most of the furniture from twigs, and many of the items are either modified beads or found objects. There is a battery operated led light I glued to the top of it, and I printed out some paper book pages I found online for art. It needs some tiny paintings though!


A native american diorama, handbuilt entirely from styrofoam base, stick frame, and wattle and daub walls. I've based the design from a modified summer house in Mississippian culture. I made a little 3 sisters garden plot of corn, pole beans, and pumpkins out of beads, clay, wire, string, and tissue paper. I've been collecting little pottery peices to go with it, and made several of its utensils and tools. It's a work in progress, and I'm trying to find some leather scraps to make some textile goods.


I have received a Duracraft SD185 Shenandoah wood log cabin kit from my grandfather. It's been lurking in his house for a long time, unopened, new in the box, and has its instructions and original VHS build video. It's literally a million pieces of pine wood to sand, stain, and glue together, but its beautiful and I'm so excited!

I want several greenleaf kits like the Orchid, Glencroft, and General goods store. I'm also waffling between building the Real Good Toys Victorian Farmhouse, or the Painted Lady kit. But individually gluing together this duracraft will probably cure my miniature pox for a while. 

I'm planning on doing a seperate post when I get started on the log cabin, but would be happy to make some posts about the other non-kit houses I have made so far, if that's allowed or interesting. I'm going to need to figure out how to post pictures from my mobile in the mean time. 

Thanks for reading this ramble. I've been lurking in the community for a few months now, and am excited to join as a real dollhouse builder!

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Welcome to the little family Brittany/ Rowan.  There is a Dura-Craft subforum where you can discuss your Shenandoah cabin build.  Of course we would love to see and read about your non-kit builds.  Several of our members are scratch-builders.

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Welcome Rowan! Loading pics from a mobile is dooable. The biggest problem I have with mine is it wants to put the text boxes for the caption/description down the right side of the screen instead of across. There's a great section on here for technical support though. :wave:

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I've built the Dura-Craft Shenandoah kit - unless you REALLY, REALLY want a log cabin for some reason, my advice is to try a Greenleaf or RGT kit first.  They are much easier and faster to put together.  The Shenandoah with its 700 or so individual pieces is quite difficult and not the best choice for a first build.  Just saying...….

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