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Installing door casings on Lily

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I usually wait on doors & door casings until after I have finished the decorating of the walls.  Also, if I want "working" doors, I either hinge them with chamois strips I sandwich half the length between two door parts and the other half between the wall & casing, or I pin-hinge the door in a box I make to fit the door opening and install it and then glue the prepped casings around it like this:

parlor 2.JPG

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its easier to install doors and casing and door trim AFTER you've wallpapered or completed your wall treatments ...sometimes the instructions, though well meaning, don't give you a whole account of how things should be done in real life order....if you install your doors and trims and then add wallpaper it makes it that much harder to get clean cuts and hide any flaws.

I know it can sometimes be overwhelming but if you think ahead to other steps that need to be done it will all come together....and just like you asked now you can always ask again!

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