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Hello from Finland!

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My name is Paula, 35 years old and I´m a new member. I live in Finland, Helsinki. Yesterday i received my first dollhouse, Beacon Hill! I´ve dreamed on dollhouse over 10 years and now finally I bought it :) I´m a big fun of Twin Peaks and now I can hear Audrey Horne asking: "Do your palms ever itch?" And yes, that´s how I feel right now! :bigwink: I´m civil engineer and now I can build houses at work and at home. My first mission is to find out how to get wires to my Beacon Hill. But now little coffee and some think thank. Hi everybody!

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Greetings Paula and welcome :)

You are about to learn you've discovered a really great place to hang out. I have built miniature houses most of my life and can't believe all I learn and experience here.

Enjoy your first build. Don't use hot glue anywhere but the shingles and a masking taped dry fit is well worth it.

Oh yea, and when tiny people with very big and strong personalities move in, possibly before your dry fit is complete even, and start telling you to do something different, don't even bother trying to convince yourself it's your imagination.


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Welcome to the little family, Paula. Susanna is another of our members from Finland, although she has been very quiet lately. Do search and read the "getting started" threads, they will give you a lot of basic information as well as answer questions like why NOT to use hot glue and where to stain/ prime or otherwise prepare the wood; also the dry fit.

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Welcome Paula! How exciting for you to start your first house! And the Beacon Hill is quite a beauty, you will love it.

Here are a few tips I have for it. Wallpaper the walls in the hallways before installing the staircase. The staircase is one of the first things you build, so this will take some pre-planning. At the very least do the wall the stairs will be against, and the front wall. I opted to cut the tabs off my 1st floor staircase so I could take it in and out while I was building and decorating. KathieB I think made hers completely removable.

I wish I had finished the inside of my 3rd floor fireplace before I completed assembly.

If you choose round wire, the closet and the fireplace make good spots to run wires down.

This house a lot of trim. A lot. It is one of its charms, but it is tedious. Don't give up like I did on this part. Maybe breaking into small parts and pieces and spreading it out throughout the build will help with this.

Gina has an awesome blog detailing her build. It is very helpful. She has built 2.



Have fun!! :)

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