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  1. Oh yikes! I had not even noticed that. Sadness I did notice though that the postcard has the wrong dates on it. I typically like the September show put on by the Atlanta Miniature Society a little better, but still love to have the option of both shows. And both shows always seem to be packed. So it's a little surprising Tom Bishop would stop.
  2. Kathie, same. I'm always intrigued by ads I see for them. But I hate the places that make me register just to look. I'm sure they are fine, as Holly says, but it just annoys me. I don't need any more stuff anyway! My house is overflowing!!
  3. Let's say you are wanting to represent a 5ft tall item. That's 60". Divide that by 12, and you get 5. So in 1:12 it's 5". Divide by 16, and it's 3.75. So that's a difference of 1.25" between 1:12 and 1:16. For 1:24 scale, divide by 24, and your item is 2.5", half of 1:12. I've seen 1:12 and 1:16 in the same house, and it can be done, but typically you wouldnt want to place the items next to each other. Sometimes you can trick the eye with the placement of the item. Along similar lines... there can be differences in sizes even within 1:12 scale.
  4. That's so neat, I'm amazed at people that can build original creative things. I'm an "instruction, kit" builder, just like I am with dollhouses.
  5. Um... that was my fault wasn't it? Sorry? Guess I'm a bad influence. Well. Maybe this new house can go over *there* instead. <ducking and running this time> I've stopped looking at craigslist, and I don't understand how that Facebook marketplace thing works, so I've stayed new house free for a bit. Which is a good thing. We bought a new vehicle this year, and all the houses hanging out in the garage had to be moved around, and I got some serious side-eye during that project. And my dad's stuff has been hanging out taking up about quarter of my craft room for ove
  6. Hey Kathie! I'm just hanging out over here still. :) Hope you enjoy the sites. They both have videos of each recipe too, which are nice, if that's your thing. I'm usually just happy reading the recipe. Pressure Luck has a couple good intro posts and videos, those were helpful for me when I first got mine.
  7. Oh how exciting! And I'm sure you can find a place for it... right over... there!
  8. Kathie, you're going to have so much fun with your IP. There were a couple blogs that were recommended to me when I first got mine that were a big help when I was getting started, and also have some great recipes, both simple (like my family likes), and more complex. Dad Cooks Dinner https://www.dadcooksdinner.com Pressure Luck Cooking https://pressureluckcooking.com I would love to make yogurt one day, but I've not gotten up the courage for that yet!
  9. It looks like Renea took down her album of her Williamsburg, probably when she sold it.
  10. Kelly, I *think* my house has the original houseworks components in it. But I cant remember for sure, and I can't access it right now. It does have thick plexiglass with taped on panes, so it might not be. (EDIT I looked at my pictures, and it doesn't appear to have houseworks windows, only the door. The trim looks like the picture in the OP) I think the house pictured has the stock provided trim. Like Miranda mentioned, these houses do have the same kinds of trim around the roof and the base. Here's the link to my album. I dont have any interior pictures, boo. http://www.
  11. Hey, I'm late... sorry! This is a house made by Jerry Jarrell of Jarrel Enterprises out of Stone Mountain, Ga for The Dollhouse Inc. This is the Williamsburg with wings, item# 102. They came built, either unfinished with no components, unfinished with Houseworks components, or with finished exterior. Renea used to have this house, but I can't for the life of me remember her username here. Her albums should be named though. She has since sold it to our local dollhouse shop I believe. I have its sister, the Mt Vernon Colonial. Pictures are in my albums.
  12. We started getting the rain bands about 2 hours ago. It's a fair amount. The wind hasn't picked up yet. It should peak about 5am. It's predicted to be about 17mph at 7am when kids are at the bus stop, so we'll see what is decided for school. My daughter in S Ga is almost out of the rain, but the wind is still increasing. Should peak there in about 2 hours. They closed her work finally, so now I'm hoping she'll still go somewhere other than her house for the night.
  13. My daughter lives feet from the divider line between Hurricane and TS warning. And she's on the east of the storm, in S Ga. So as far as I'm concerned, it's hurricane warning there. She has giant pine trees in her yard, and one could take out all 3 bedrooms. When Irma hit there last year, one of those huge trees fell on the house across the street, so it made it more real. She is planning to go to a family members house tonight, and they have gassed up the generator. Thing is, as of now she's supposed to work, but she's hoping they will at least close early. She said many places already are cl
  14. Thanks Kathie. I was pretty sad. I like the September show put on by the AMS more than the Bishop Show in March. Oh well. I still have plenty of things that I'm not working on at the moment. BTW, I saw last night, that the March show is later in the month, the 22nd I think, instead of the first weekend (it used to be end of February). At least now it won't interfere with the KSU Formula Motorsports South Invitational Race that Brennen will be a part of this year! Unless they change the weekend for that as well...
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