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  1. Thank you Debra for posting this. And Selkie, the links, you rock What a fantastic paintbrush. We don't often discuss our smaller tools and tips for using them or anything. I appreciate information like this. I love using the internet for shopping and the forums recommendations are the only consumer report I need Since this is a paintbrush tip, I will post it here. I recently figured something helpful out. When I grout (egg carton brick and rock), I like to use a paintbrush. The BEST brush by far has been a cheap kids paintbrush. The sturdy construction and stiff bristles work out really well.
  2. I really like your thinking. The kitchen/dining and parlor/sitting for the ground floor. The parlor sitting room or master sitting room could do double duty as a library if you like books. The childrens room could be attic like. I like old movies for inspiration. 30's and 40's movies had a lot of the late 1800's influence because it was like the 60's and 70's are now for many of us. Just yesterday Good luck and don't forget to post pictures
  3. The pantry, which is like a butlers pantry, I think, is supposed to have a sink, I think And it most certainly makes sense to me. As for a laundry sink in the pantry, it also makes sense to me to have a giant sink for washing the giant pots and pans one might find in such a big house. What a project! It's fun to see the pictures and hear what you are doing. Thanks for posting all of this
  4. Well, you BOTH inspire me I'm thinking about a half scale Chantilly next. Another mouse house of course. It would make three in a row. Crazy! I never do that. Last years fling is the home to 5 mice Truth be told, I'd rather do a Buttercup again next but I have the Chantilly. Debora, don't be surprised if everyone starts trying to do a roof like yours. That thing is awesome. Anyone up for a Chantilly?
  5. I believe it is a magnet. A lot of magnets like this are 1/2" scale.
  6. What a beautiful story. I am so sorry for the loss but no doubt, the kitty who just went to heaven is watching out for Finn.
  7. Happy Anniversary Anna! 19 years is something to be proud of. I love 'feel good' posts like this
  8. Sandy, I checked out that site. Some cute dolls. 1/2 scale, 1:12 children and kits are much less than $65. This means for some of us on a tighter budget, look! I was impressed with the selection in the lower prices. I spent the day enjoying life. Looking at pictures, ordering mini's Basically, just looking for reasons to smile
  9. Yea! I ordered the rope bed today and a surprise for Mayzi and her baby girl. That's right, my little mouse finally spoke up and told me her name. It was an accident she's not too happy about. For some reason, she seems very timid. I think she pretended not to like this house at first because she wants it so very badly. Maybe she will know how important she is to me when she sees the surprise present that will arrive in the box with her rope bed something else she has mentioned. She probably thinks I didn't notice, but I did. The present is...well, it's cheezy. You'll find out soon enough the rest of that truth I have to keep it a secret
  10. Wow! What a great report from everyone this morning. No, life isn't all good but it's good to hear from you all. Helen, I thought about Deb when you wrote me about your memory challenges. Sounds like she's been through something very similar. I have, but haven't. I experienced a rough time following a car accident/head injury. It's an awful feeling to reach for a bottle of water and ask someone to hand you the panda bear Fortunately, these things can be worked with. I wish I would have had this forum then. No doubt, someone would have understood. Selkie, last weekend we just were talking with my Dad about when he had the laundry moved for my Mom. He said it proved he had been good to her. Ha! I reminded him that while he was good to her, moving the washer and dryer out of HIS motorcycle repair area in the garage was most certainly NOT done for Mom. Men!!! It has made me have all kinds of comical visions about your situation. Kathie- Safe and happy journeys! On that note, I think I will get ready to go visit my Daddy All of you have a wonderful weekend.
  11. Have fun and good luck with your new adventure.
  12. Planned obsolescence has been a favorite topic of mine for a very long time. Right along with 'man is the master of his own demise'. That's a wonderful thing about miniatures. We get to make things how we want them. No codes or anything, just our own desire to do it right.
  13. Ooh...don't let me encourage the wrong thing but it makes sense to me. Good luck!
  14. Selkie, that stained glass tutorial is amazing. I really want to try that now. I love Sharpies and clear nail polish but that is stunning. Thanks for your efforts to include links.
  15. You could always try making a little orange kitty I'm planning on a resin figure but who knows if the mice will find her good enough They have requested a pet cat for 'Littlestone Cottage'.
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