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  1. Yea! Thanks for showing me I can do this with the roof.
  2. morgansmith

    Chimley Cottage

    My very first album on Greenleaf. This is Chimley Cottage, my Spring Fling 2011 entry. Chimley Cottage represents an English cottage, owned by the same family for over 500 years, then brought to life again by a new owner after being closed and abandoned for 50 years. Hopefully I have shown the best of many eras of English cottage history. This has been the most inspiring mini project ever and I can't wait until 2012!!!
  3. morgansmith

    Shinglestone Cottage

    This is my 2013 Spring Fling entry. It was very exciting to win 'Luck of the draw' even if it meant nothing in the judging. Shinglestone is built to resemble the tiny cottage I lived in on the Oregon Coast.
  4. morgansmith

    Littlestone Cottage

    This is a half scale Buttercup built to be a mouse house.
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