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Christmas present


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Mom surprised me by showing me a flyer from one of our local jewellery stores.There was a beautiful 1.8 karat diamond cross-She asked me if I liked it-it was gorgeous.She's getting it for me.I've been trying to be patient this year-My brother moved in and so my craft room is no more-All my stuff is either in my room or upstairs in the living room.My knitting machine got cracked by the cats.My poor dollhouse is on hiatus as I don't dare remove the plastic around the frame as my other brother's cats thought it's a nice bathroom.They can't get in it now.It's also bad enough that the brother who has moved in is a complete slob-My bathroom which he's sharing -he leaves shaving residue(the hair) in the sink.But on the good side I can make all my other minis.

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awwwwwwwww the family! You gotta love them!

I would make room in your bedroom to work on your miniatures. That is your safe haven and I would keep it locked so noone including critters could get in there while you are not there...

Or you could get you a storage building and make it into a work space? I did that but it is a mess though...

Congrats on the Cross... I can't wait to see pictures of it!

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