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Bummer day!


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Thanks so much everyone!

I dont usually let myself get very attached to the animals around here but she just had something about her.

we got her for my gran to love when she stayed here with us and when she left we kept the cat.

she just made herself part of our family. it was like loosing my gran all over again along with my sweet companion.

now our Milo is an only furbaby again....which Im sure he likes very well

but I will miss the purrs and the making mom softer and her perched on the back of my chair while Im on the computer. so in her honor for the next few days I will put up her photo as my avatar.

I knew yall would understand.

I just dont understand why people have so much meaness in them to hurt animals that are very much someones pet. she was always well groomed and well fed...not a stray looking cat.

I miss my Sash

nutti :yikes:

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My heart goes out to you and your family Lynette. As I read your post, I glanced over at my big ol kitty Newman sleeping in daddy's chair and tears rolled down my cheeks. I can only imagine the pain and loss you are feeling. Your avatar is wonderful. What a sweet thing. Sending warm {{HUGS}} to you.

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I am right there with you Lynette. I just lost my 18 year old baby two weeks ago. I think it was wonderful of you to bring her home where she was so well loved. I miss mine so very much. I look at the places he used to lay, look at the full basket of socks (he used to empty the basket if I left it out and drag socks all over the house) and it just seems so - not right. Time will take the edge off, but the empty spot never refills.

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