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It's a Chrysnbon set. I didn't have room for the medicine cabinet that came with the set so I just glued the mirror straight onto the wall. The long pull handle on the toilet proved to be the biggest pain I've encountered so far. You had to connect the chain to the o-rings to the handle.. Grr.. But it's altogether. There's a tiny bar of soap on the sink. The curtains turned out a little shorter than I would have liked but I'm satisfied since it was my first try <img class="bbc_emoticon" alt=":)" src="http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif">. Also everything is a little dusty since construction is still going all over the house.

From the album:

My Orchid 2011

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Very nice. The Chrysnbon set came out very well -and I'm glad to see that, as I plan to use it as well. :)

The curtains look great - the fabric is perfect.

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Thank you! I am still a little worried about those curtains.. Everytime I walk by the house my eyes immediately lock on to how short they are! lol. And the Chrysnbon set did turn out really, really great. We were at the miniature shop and I (of course) wanted a porcelain one, but they were pretty steep. Then my husband found that set and suggested I get it because of the exposed pipes, and the radiator.. I was sold, and it actually looks really good in there..!

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This house is going to be so nice! love it! What a great idea to add on the Primrose! Might just follow suite. I want to build the Orchid this year, but knew not enough rooms ........the lady of the house will need more room for sure. thanks for sharing the photos! oh and I don't think your curtains are too short, In a bath you wouldn't want them to go clear to the floor anyway? your bathroom fixtures are awesome!


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Thank you, thank you! It makes my day so much brighter to come on here and hear encouraging words :) I think I just had it in my mind to make the curtains look different, but they're okay, I like the print enough. And adding the primrose has been a challenge for sure, I have a few more pictures too add today!!

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