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  1. Yes they are. 40-45 years old? They are called Li'l Missy Beaded Doll (from Kits Assembled,already put together) though. Here is a photo of one of the lots About 10 or so.
  2. Sorry that happened to you I can't believe how careless the Shipping companies can be! Any more I sometimes double the boxes to help. I use to put Fragile or Handle With Care until I heard that it just invites grumpy workers to put out their oneryness so I quit doing it. I never have received my lost shipment back........a search was done and they finally just said they can't find it Glad it was just a couple evergreen trees. If I spent a week making something and that happened omg......Ha reminds me of a package I got, all squished and you could see tire tracks on it!
  3. Holly I love looking at your trailer. The colors are awesome and that floor is so perfect!! Rebecca, your Caravan is so cool! Beautiful! I have one my X built but it is not near completion, I mean the decorating isn't done or the wheels attached. No paint job yet either. We never did get a good roof bent properly. I think I will just cut the roof ends and lay down card stock first, getting my curve, then lay slats or siding the long way if they are narrow enough might look ok. ? Dampening and bending wood has never worked for me. I just don't hat the patience I need. I need to get off this computer and work on some of these things. I need to start a Caravan Album soon. I might just have to order that trailer soon that you are doing Morgen! I can add it to the stack........and who knows I might need to do it first!
  4. Some funny and not so funny stories on here. I think the worst for me was about 15 years ago I bought a Ken Doll from an online seller. lIsted as good condition. When it arrived one arm was totally loose. It was ok I guess as he was just a model for clothes I was making though a bum arm makes posing harder lol......but when someone isn't forthright it makes you feel sort of victimized. I left good feedback anyway because who knows, maybe the spouse or the teenager packed it for them. Everyone makes mistakes. I have gotten a few other items that most would have left bad feedback I just never have for a seller. I try to give the benefit of the doubt because I am a seller also. Unless I would have paid a lot for an item I wouldn't return it or ask for a refund. Keep in mind, there are those that buy and do a charge back or refund just trying to get something for free. Most people are good and honest though, I have left about 5 bad feedback for non paying bidders back when we could do so. Now, customers that are nasty or those nasty about asking something or ridiculing my auction haha I just shake the dust off my feet and move on........but I do block them from buying from me if I sense trouble in the making .......I also have looked at peoples left feedbacks and if they leave negs to sellers for stupid reasons I block them too. I just don't have time to deal with nasty people. I would just get in a fight with them. lol. When buying it is best to always read peoples feedback before buying. But even if they have negatives or neutrals you can click on those and read them and sometimes you can tell they were uncalled for I had a package the post office actually lost. I even had a search done on it. It was never found. The tracking just stopped one day. Another time a customer said she ordered the wrong thing and it was for inexpensive little pine trees so I just sent her a full refund and told her to keep them. I think I did block her though I mean the description was very clear. One thing I noticed on this thread is about the postal claims, It is true that the customer, who has the item is supposed to make the claim for damaged items. On the comment about someone sent an item as bulk mail, it was probably Media mail and it was against the law for them to send it that way. Media mail is only for books, learning materials and the like. I think CD's fall in that category. full size miniatures magazines would fall in that category too. I have had bad experiences with bad packaging but usually from big outlet stores. I get things faster buying on Online Auctions n Buy it Now's than anywhere and usually better packaged Well I have rattled on long enough....better quick while I am ahead lol
  5. Happy for you! I want to do one soooo bad!! I just need to make some room .......ha........Have fun with it. You made a good choice! It is such an awesome trailer!! I haven't ever done one, but it would be so fun. I don't know what comes with it but if I do one it will either be retro 50's or shabby chic like the photo you just put up above .........Please share photos! as your building! Cheryl
  6. Any doll collectors out there, my son has these cute little 5" doll lots up on ebay, about 11 lots of them. Vintage and a good price. not really scale features but they are quite collectible. I don't collect dolls, just make them pretty much or I would buy them. He has a lot of stuff up but if you do a search for newly listed, at least today, they should come up at the top. enjoy p.s. he is a sweetheart to work with https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_ipg=100&_ssn=avius&_sop=10
  7. Any doll collectors out there, my son has these cute little 5" doll lots up on ebay, about 11 lots of them. Vintage and a good price. not really scale features but they are quite collectible. I don't collect dolls, just make them pretty much or I would buy them. He has a lot of stuff up but if you do a search for newly listed, at least today, they should come up at the top. enjoy https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_ipg=100&_ssn=avius&_sop=10
  8. Rebecca, I feel the same about kits at times, I am so anxious to make something of my own, simple and roomy out of foam core board. This lady has made most of her houses out of foam core board and it is such an awesome idea. It is really strong if you have the stud walls to support often. I have made a shelf out of it. And it is strong. It has a lot of little cubbies for stamping supplies. Here is the link to her houses! Enjoy! http://www.inpayne.com/dollhouse/dollhousefrontpage.html
  9. They are nice! BTW I kept control and bought my desktop heater instead of a Hallmark Ornament! I really did like the Stein and the Gaming machine. I don't even have a rec room lol. The scale on that seemed ok........about 4.3" so that would be about 4 1/3 foot and young teens are about that tall so thinking the size isn't bad. Also the Wooden (Tin) soldier, they come in many sizes in real life. Something like that now, I would prefer that quality more than anything I could make. I am picky about scale but that is what makes collecting so fun you can do as you darn well please!
  10. It might have been Spackle brand wood putty ? LOL I don't know. I am so confused, my own fault for not being careful what I remember haha...or what I say. Dap sounds familiar......might be the brand of dry wall compound I have. I could just look in my gallery but with over 200 photos on the Garfield it is daunting. That is so awesome Holly that you make your own Wood Putty!! That stuff is spendy it seems........and dries out quickly. or at least too quick for me. Sometimes it takes me so long to get to a project my materials have dried out or hardened.
  11. I love the Nutcracker and the Stein. Also that Arcade. Someone wants $69 for a yellow Hallmark arcade like that! So 19.99 is a good deal. Oh wait, I see, the yellow one is from 2008 so maybe that is why it is so much more. I sit here in turmoil, as I was trying to not spend money for a while. and I do need the little heater. Oh well we will see...LOL
  12. Just found this thread! I am in big trouble. I had no idea Hallmark made !:12 scale. Now I know where my sister in law got the cutest little stove she gave my Mom one year! I just took it for granted she got it at a miniature show. I wonder if it was Hallmark and 1:12? It had some things on it it seems, About the Stein, well those old Beer drinkers liked their steins big! maybe it is ok huh? Erin, there goes my gift certificate I was going to use for a desktop heater, this room is so cold. Oh well I have some window shopping to do. Thanks so much for sharing that.......this is so cool........
  13. If it were me I think I would just go over it with some dry wall mud, a light coat to freshen it then paint it. I Stucco'ed my Garfield. I couldn't really afford the siding strips at the time, there is always so much to buy. I used Dry Wall Mud......they call it in construction. You can also get a wallpaper that has a raise on it that looks just like real stucco's spackled ceilings and I used that on the ceilings. It lasts a long time. I have tons left for more houses. I wish I had the patience to make the decorative ceilings, but maybe someday. I do know what you mean about looking back on old work and not being happy with it. The same goes with a lot of craft things we use to do, that seem silly or ucky now LOL. Although I try to appreciate them for what they are. I am going to try Holly's idea of using card stock for siding on a house. I also want to make a simple house out of foam core board. There is a lady that makes houses out of it and they look so cool. That stuff is pretty strong if you have good supporting walls. I am rattling! I look forward to seeing your photos! Have fun!
  14. Yeah to be honest I am a little sorry. I have too many houses and mini's in this small house. Truth be, I want it all, all the scales LOL You will have fun making things yes indeed. There are a lot of tutorials on Youtube. I could watch them all day. ha and sometimes do. I hope I retained something. I look forward to seeing your photos Melissa!
  15. Love that Holly! I never thought of that, putting it on the inside. Looks great! I use Dry Wall Compound which is pretty much the same thing. But I think people call it Spackle also yet actual wood Spackle comes in tiny jars and is different. Isn't that the brand name of wood Spackle? I don't know lol. It has been so long since I was actually out shopping I probably have no idea what I am talking about. I got my last dry wall compound in a fairly sized jug. It lasts for like forever and goes a long way. HMM maybe I kind of remember Spackle brand has a dry wall compound they sell too. Anyway I found it fun to put on Holly, I know what you mean about scale. There are quite a few mini's out there like that. It is so disappointing! I have some pieces of 1:24 furniture I have hoarded from years ago. It is so cute and nice quality. I haven't checked it for how good the scale is. I kind of wish I had started in 1:24 scale because I live in a small house And it seems every year they come out with more and more quality !;24 scale. I have too much 1:12 stuff I have collected so I am trapped, But I bet I could find room around here for a !:24 scale house
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