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  1. It does feel overwhelming at first, but once you get going, it comes together pretty quickly
  2. leighannatwell


    Is that an instrument case up there?
  3. Hi folks! I am in the process of adding a Primrose onto my already put together Orchid.. I'm noticing that without matching gingerbread roof trim, it isn't very cohesive. Soo, I got to thinking about all of you guys that have built Orchids and not added the trim to make it look more modern.. Naturally I want to ask if someone would be willing to part with theirs, you can message me on here. It would be very much appreciated. Have a great day everyone!!
  4. Thank you!I really wanted my colors to be much, much lighter, but I had never picked out paint before, so it was an experiment. I kinda like the way they've turned out, it really makes the white trim pop I have already picked a coral-orangey color for the hall, and a yellow for the kitchen. I love, love, love wallpaper in dollhouses, I think it was just a little too intimidating for my first house, maybe in the future
  5. the exposed beams are gorgeous
  6. I love, love the fish tank and the sofa, table, shoes, walls, decor hehe
  7. I love it! I was wondering why I always see clouds out your windows.. All my pictures have my living room or kitchen in them
  8. Thank you, thank you! It makes my day so much brighter to come on here and hear encouraging words I think I just had it in my mind to make the curtains look different, but they're okay, I like the print enough. And adding the primrose has been a challenge for sure, I have a few more pictures too add today!!
  9. leighannatwell


    I love how you've come up with backstories for your project
  10. Also, as you can see from the pictures, I don't have a proper 'workspace' for my mini-s.. Thank goodness for vacuum cleaners
  11. Thank you Janet.. I've been using craft "skinny sticks" from Walmart
  12. leighannatwell

    Stone Chimney

    It looks beautiful, and I really love your creativity
  13. leighannatwell

    The fireplace

    I'm going to add the primrose onto my side right there, and I'll be covering up the window as well. I'm just going to hang curtains on the inside since all my trim is already glued in place.
  14. The floors are shelf liner from the Family Dollar and Thank you so much!!
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