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    I love to ride my bike, garage shop and decorate. I have a passion that includes me finding old items and making them new again. Now I’m able to really enjoy what I have always dreamed of doing, remodeling and decoration my very own dollhouse.

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  1. This hobby began by me finding a dollhouse at a yard sale. During the time I had a created bakery at the bottom of my Emerson Row. I realized it was going to be very expensive to purchase all the goodies I needed. So...a new hobby was born.
  2. Great pictures. Are you aware that your iPhone is possibly sharing your location? There is a google map with a Ranchero Court, Diablo, CA, 94528 address. If this is so, this is scary. I checking my pics now, I to take picture with my iPhone.
  3. It feels great knowing I am not alone I sat down at the computer on my way to the kitchen to fix breakfast…how did I end up here and why did I just print a recipe off of Pinterest for cookies, now I need to go to the grocery store. How did this happen :Jumpy:
  4. I got a hefty gift certificate to Ron's Miniature Shop in Orlando. I live 20 mins from the shop & it felt GREAT spending someone's else money. One hour later, I spent all my money and had to add $5, I went over, lol. I'm so happy I don't wanna go back to work I wanna play with my dollhouses, lol.
  5. I see no problems from this end. Great work give yourself credit, you earned it.
  6. The brick work is extremely good, is it the egg carton technique?
  7. Wow I would surely try to stick my head in that door and knowing my crazy luck it would get stuck, lol
  8. Welcome cant wait to see your house. I agree what great parents you have to have saved your childhood house. Restoring is fun think of it as a relaxing adventure that you can take all the time you need to complete :surfing:
  9. sunshinefl95

    Summer Cottage

    I found this house at a flea market in Webster, Fl. This is going to be a summer cottage located on the beach. I want the design to have a cottage design that has a warm and comfortable feeling.
  10. love how the floors are shining, great view
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