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  1. They look wonderful together!
  2. Love the whole thing, looks terrific!
  3. Minis Over The Hill


    Small Tudor
  4. Taking another look, still one of my all-time favorites!
  5. The kitchen looks great, love the wallpaper.
  6. I love your hutch, so pretty and looks great with the dishes.
  7. Minis Over The Hill


    I love your dark stain and double trimmed door and windows. You did a great job on this house, hope you enjoy it for a long time!
  8. Karin, I love how you did this front. I've never done bricks like that but will try it out one of these days.
  9. Magnificent scene Alexander! Your scenes are always a big treat.
  10. Great to hear from you Julie. Your fabrics are lovely and love those mod pillows.
  11. Very pretty, great colors!
  12. Three floors, 24", 18" and 15 3/4" Top two floors have glass sliders. DOLLS, FURNITURE AND ACCESSORIES NOT INCLUDED. They indicate how much furniture this house holds. What is for sale is the three units to the house, the top two having glass sliders. I am also including the "swimming pool" and "deck." PM me if interested
  13. I love how you did this room, so pretty!
  14. I love your choice of colors!
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