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Paper Clay vs plastic sheeting


This is my first work with air dry paper clay, the two sections above the windows. the other is the plastic sheeting I also used as the mold for the paper clay sections which worked very well. Now I need to decide if the clay would add too much weight to the house, probably

From the album:

Direction I am headed in

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I'm guessing that once dry and rid of the water weight, the paperclay would not add all that much weight to the project ... but it's a big house!

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I like the stone effect a lot :) Once it is painted up it will look stunning. If you are uncertain... maybe play with some paint and see if that helps make up your mind... personally I think it looks wonderful.

As for the paperclay..... I haven't used it on such a large scale, but I have found that (like Kathie said) it does loose it's water weight and isn't nearly as heavy as it starts out. Maybe one of our folks who have done whole houses can post their thoughts... but either product you use Debora... I think the stone is marvelous :flowers:

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I use paperclay a lot and really like it. There isn't much weight added and it does repair easily. I have done some experimenting with using some plastic molds that are used in copper sheets craft on the paperclay and it was a plesent surprise. The effect was quite good and certainly saved wear and tare on my arthritic hands. If you decide to use the paperclay, I would go direct to the paperclay site and order my supplies. It's cheaper and the amount you will need makes it worthwhile.

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