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Finally started my Glenwood.  

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The Glenwood

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OMG the instructions for this kit are terrible.  Usually RGT shows each piece and what it is.  Not this one, and now I think I have glued and nailed something wrong. :(  What the heck is the fillstrip, what I put on, just won't work aughhh 


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Sorry you are having trouble with your kit Joanne, but I'm glad to see another kit getting built. I can't help with your issues as I've never build an RGT but I'm sure someone else will have and will have suggestions. Maybe start a topic?

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I honestly don't think I've ever built a kit (of any brand) that I haven't wanted to, at some point, strangle the person who wrote the instructions. 

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On 10/15/2017, 12:45:23, Mid-life madness said:

Contact RGT if you can't get it sorted out. It's weird they didn't have a parts list.

They gave me the list but usually they show you pictures of what each part is, not this big one. Like what  is a fillstrip if you have never done a house with one.  


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Oh Joann, please don't get discouraged. Take a break, and do something less frustrating, but creative. Maybe a roombox? Practice the electrical on it

For me, when I see other peoples work, it looks so easy, but it has to be challenging for them as well. I only started in January, and I have a TON to learn. I have done some really wonky things!!! Usually the hard things in life are the things worth doing.


I found this video. Maybe contact this guy or someone else who has built the house.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euGEb53Tb8g

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Thank you Carrie, I have watched this man's video about 10 times, he is my only salvation for this house.  I have snapped so many photos as the video moves along also.  Thank you for the hug, it is much needed today :)

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So... are things going better for you now and did you figure out what the 'fill strip' is?  I've had to stop and just walk away a few times myself.  What you do NOT want is to have the joy escape you.  And so much of that joy is in the construction (once it gets back on track). Please share more photos when you can.   

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Pat, it is going better thank you for asking.  Yes the filmstrip was a strip of wood.  (I ended up gluing and nailing to the wrong wall of course). Hauled my poor husband into the craft room to help me repaired that.  I took a break first though and did the roof and dormer.  Yesterday I did the wood for the porch and gazebo floors.  I still have not totally tackled the gable, but I'm working around it lol.  I did post a couple of photos yesterday.  

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