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  1. I have been a paper crafter for over a decade and have stacks and stacks of paper/card stock. I mean tons but most of the patterns are too large or the stack is too small. I have found most good dollhouse papers are heavy. Hobby lobby dollhouse papers are very thin and need to be clear coated before use. Some internet sellers print their papers on inkjet machines so read up before you buy.
  2. Where does one go to find the true value of older dollhouses? How do you know how collectible it is or how much items should go for made by well known artisans? Is there any literature, website with this kind of info?
  3. Well, when I couldn't figure out and decide on wiring so I put the house away and just made miniatures for my house and etsy. I was overwhelmed about what I didn't know and continued to read up. Then I recently visited a dollhouse museum and started on assembly of my house. The exterior walls are up and primed with exterior window casings and sills attached. Making my own staircase and changing interior walls.
  4. Minigirl

    garage sale finds

    What a great find!
  5. Minigirl

    Paper minis

    Those masks are too darn cute!
  6. Great idea and way better than using hot glue as the instructions say to do. I am working on the same house and have chosen to add batten boards like Stickyfingers did with hers. It reminds me of Cape May!
  7. I am also a paper crafter and have an older cricut machine. The newer versions do even more!!! Yes they can do everything in the above posts. These tools can cut tiny bags, hat boxes, shirt boxes, veggie boxes, Tiny banners, letters for signage, chipboard trim and shingles. If used properly they do cut clean and precise. They cut thin chipboard such as a cereal box easily as well as vinyl. The self adhesive vinyl works well when cutting small letters to place on plain metal buckets etc. If you design your own furniture, you can cut your patterns from chipboard with these machines too. That includes cutting lightweight fabrics for curtains, cushions, bedspreads etc. If you take precise measurements, you can cut your wallpaper to the exact rectangle. They make great full size birthday banners and such too. I know I have missed some things since this was just off the top of my head. They are quite useful if you are willing to take the time to learn how to use them. There is a learning curve but they are easier to use than my old version. Watch lots of you tube videos and then decide.
  8. Love the way they turned out!!!!!
  9. Minigirl


    Love those slippers! Such wonderful detail!
  10. That's a very pretty bed! This is so much fun when people post these questions. It's like phone a friend on whatever game show that is. The posts on the Camille just wouldn't work in that house. I am working with the same house right now. Love what you chose and thanks for showing me another great craftsmen.
  11. Has anyone ordered any of the wallpaper assortments from Miniatures.com? Have any feedback on the quality of their papers in general? The prices are great for those assortments. 18 sheets for $10. Starting miniatures from scratch is pricey so I really like their assortment price tag.
  12. I agree, it's perfect for the house. This style furniture really takes me back!
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