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Dura-Craft FH 505 Farmhouse “Mullet House”


Dura-Craft FH 505 Farmhouse “Mullet House”
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Dura-Craft FH 505 Farmhouse “Mullet House”
“Mullet House” because it’s all business in the front and a party in the back. 
Started 1999. 
Completed 2020. 


This is beautiful. I built one of these back in the 1990s and have vivid memories of building those walls and cutting all that trim. I swore off Dura-Craft houses after that (and they went out of business anyway).

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Nice Job! thanks for all the detail pictures! My dad bought this house for my mom and was working on it when he got sick. Unfortunately he did not get to finish it before he passed, but asked me if I would finish it for my mom. I am trying to get into my dads head with certain things he did. He was a finish carpenter, so I know he went off the directions with a few things. I can't find the front door, I have the transom and front door glass, but nothing that resemble a door! I may have to make my own.

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Hi there! I'm currently building this kit (struggling with missing parts and detail) and I'm having trouble with a corner of the house. I'm wondering if you could help me out. If you're facing the front of the dollhouse, the house face, it's the corner that meets on the left where walls C & D connect. 

The brick foundation cuts inward and so the stabilizer piece it tells you to use for the rest of the corners don't work there. I'm not seeing any other pieces that would work. 

Can I ask how you finished that corner? 

If I'm making sense. I'd appreciate it so much, as this is stumping me and I want to keep working on this! 

Thanks so much! 



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