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  1. Thanks! I spent a lot of time searching the internet for photos so I could figure things out and get ideas since I too thought the instructions were not real clear, especially towards the end of the manual. Look up DocGreen on this forum; he built this house and I got a lot of inspiration from his photos and his excellent craftsmanship. Good luck!
  2. Dura-Craft FH 505 Farmhouse “Mullet House” “Mullet House” because it’s all business in the front and a party in the back. Started 1999. Completed 2020.
  3. Thanks everybody for your nice comments. I’ve added a gallery of photos:
  4. Mistake - didn’t paint the back side of cut-off handrail!
  5. I’m calling my first dollhouse the “Mullet House” because it’s all business in the front and a party in the back; although maybe that’s a rather crude name for this special part of my life that spans 3 generations. I started this Dura-Craft FH 505 Farmhouse ($159.20 basic kit) in 1999 for my daughter, but only worked on it seriously for about a month before life kept marching on with soccer/vacations/job/family/etc, but ultimately I realized she grew up too fast and I was too slow. It languished in my workshop without even having hooked the walls together until 2008 when I finally surren
  6. Started Dura-Craft FH 505 Farmhouse in 1999 for my daughter, but didn’t finish it until 2020 for her daughter (my granddaughter). Thanks to Greenleaf as I searched around the forum for tips to complete it (something I was not able to do in 1999).
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