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  1. Hi there! I'm currently building this kit (struggling with missing parts and detail) and I'm having trouble with a corner of the house. I'm wondering if you could help me out. If you're facing the front of the dollhouse, the house face, it's the corner that meets on the left where walls C & D connect. The brick foundation cuts inward and so the stabilizer piece it tells you to use for the rest of the corners don't work there. I'm not seeing any other pieces that would work. Can I ask how you finished that corner? If I'm making sense. I'd appreciate it so much, as this is stumping me and I want to keep working on this! Thanks so much! Katie
  2. Hi @Chikkity47 I am also building this dollhouse. I've had the kit since 1994. The instructions are my nemesis. I'm so frustrated and have messed up countless times but I'm still determined to get it done! I would love to connect with you and see where you're at now. Maybe commiserate, share pointers, whatever. I'm about to install the floors and walls. Best Katie
  3. Hi friends, I'm looking for a source where I can get custom cut glass and mirrors for my dollhouse. I'd rather use the real materials than foil or plastic. Thanks! Katie
  4. Thanks so much. I do have the instructions, they just don't list the sizing to make it easier to replace missing pieces myself.
  5. Hello miniature community, I have searched this site to see if I could find any discussions or information about whether DuraCraft is still in business or not. My dollhouse kit (Farmhouse) has an order form for new parts if they are ruined or missing. It says it's in Newberg, OR. but the number is disconnected and I'm guessing they don't exist any longer? I can't find a website that belongs to them either. Why is the dollhouse world so underground? Hahaha. Anyway, my kit is missing ALL of the window panes and mirrors. I'm sure I can make them myself with the right materials, but another frustrating aspect of this project, is that not one piece has the measurements listed in the manual. So if there is a source for these parts by a company that bought them out...or? Thanks for you help! Katie
  6. I have a question about the farmhouse of mine. I'm wondering what tools you all use to cut the mini lumber for the trim, gutters, flooring and new pieces? What sort of saw do you recommend? Thanks! Katie
  7. Hello everyone, My name is Katie and I'm an artist from Portland Oregon. I have a dollhouse kit I've had for 24 years, since 6th grade. I was stumped waaaayyyy back then with missing pieces and how to re-create them in order to continue. I really want to build my Dura Craft Farmhouse. It's very overwhelming but I need to do it, because I've always dreamed of having my own dollhouse to play with and decorate. I'm just as obsessed with miniature everything as I was when I was a child. I look forward to learning from you all, and I see there are some very talented people here! I'd love to talk about trading pieces too (like rugs, furniture and food, etc.) Thanks! Katie
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