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  1. labeling all part using the parts list.
  2. The detail work is spectacular!
  3. Thankyou Mid-Life!! Im also a senior member!
  4. Hi FurMama! Thank you for the greeting and the information. I will followup on that. The kit is Dura-Craft FH 500 Farm House Apparantly Dura-Craft is no longer in the dollhouse business. But the 100's of pieces and instructions all seem to be intact! I can see how this site will be a wonderful resource!
  5. I purchased my first kit. This project will be a challenge in itself. The instructions and the box are from the 70's. I paid 50 through the FB marketplace. I so far have read over the instructions, sorted, counted, inventory (still not done), watching youtube videos and reading forums. I welcome any advice , feedback, encouragement etc. Thank you in advance! Carmen
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