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Popsickel Art

Bob Hood

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Holly.........I haven't worked on these for about a year.  I have drawings for a Fox and a Hawk.

Plenty of ideas and hopefully lots of time.

My granddaughter and i have spent a lot of time fishing together.

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As a matter of fact after hours of nipping the tips off those sticks, the dollhouse roof WAS  piece of cake.  After i found out the secret of laying out the roof shingle lines I enjoyed the process.  I would watch TV and nip.  The whole thing started as a lark one day while entertaining my granddaughter, before i knew it I was hooked. After completing each piece i wrote short stories about the animals. The stories are part of a larger writing hobby.  If you haven't noticed already I never let a misspelled word get in the way of a good story. Thanks Yall

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