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  1. I'm so happy to see you here Jeannie.
  2. NellBell

    Contemporary chair

    Really nice work.
  3. I actually went back and the construction of this couch is amazing
  4. Very nice couch. I'm making an Art Deco doll who would look good lounging on that couch. She's actually more Art Nouveau. I just started her.
  5. NellBell


    She was designed based on the latest Cinderella movie. I took a few fabrics to get the right blue dress
  6. NellBell


    I finished the cinderella room box
  7. NellBell

    Great-room vision

    I love your use of the toothbrush holder. Love seeing your pics again.
  8. Thanks Lee , I have stored this information away in my head and will be pulling out my pica rulers. I to have a plastic and a very old medal one. My favorite boss gave it to me when he retired. (It's actually older than me) I am in printing and have been my whole work life . I used to be in the prepress department -, then production and my last 20 years in sales.
  9. Um I 'm a lover of pepper jellies this one sounds good . I'm learning to make them I have been working on a Habanero Jelly Trying to get the right heat. It is pretty good so far. Also a tip my son does Mayo and pepper jelly on sandwiches oh so good..
  10. NellBell


    You've done such an awesome job on this build . I love all your dolls too so unique
  11. NellBell

    neck snoopy.jpg

    Great job on all your jewelry
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