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3D Papercrafts


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My other main hobby is 3d paper crafts. I make a lot of box cards which are getting cards that fold flat to fit in an envelope, but pop up for display. These are a few examples. It's surprising how much people love getting a handmade card in the mail! 

I also make a lot of 3d houses, putz houses and gift boxes. I use my silhouette cameo to cut all of the pieces out of cardstock & patterned paper. 




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1 minute ago, havanaholly said:

How pretty!  I'm duly impressed with how the recipient of the little house with the front porch 1) figures out how to put it together and 2) folds it back up for storage.

They don't the picture with the houses is just little 3d houses & boxes with a removable roof or lid. I tried to separate that picture from the text about the cards but I'm on my phone & it didn't work out. 

I've also started making these paper cut light boxes using heavy Watercolor paper, a deep shadow box and LED strip lights. This one is a scene from the book Where the Wild Things Are. I use my silhouette cameo and Illustrator software to make these. 

2017-02-05 18.47.31.png

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When I went back and more carefully read your first post I figured it out.  I still love that little house gift box, but I was in total awe when I thought it was one of your folding cards!

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I have a close freind and fellow miniature artisan, Someone that i learn a lot from,

who has made entire dolls houses and displays using just card and paper and they

are amazing to see.I have permission to show you this wedding store scene.

she made it all and calls it 4 dimentional because there are removable parts.

All in 12th scale miniature


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I love making anything out of paper love your pop up cards Erica and everyone paper creations it’s one of my passions to.

i make these fairy nightlights right now 


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