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  1. Hi Jeannine - In the distant past I spent a lot of time in Canada. it was my dream to retire there one day, Then they removed that privilage so I am now stuck this side of the pond :(. I will keep an eye open for your cottage for you. I am looking forward to being part of this forum and sharing my hobbies and chatting lots with like minded people. But I can only check in every Sunday because I am in the grip of a major project right now. Nice to get to know you. x
  2. You canalso make dolls wigs in crochet. when you say this to poeple they get a bad impression of wool for hair but it can look just as good on any doll as it does on a rag one, check out the wringlets on this doll. For hard dolls you just need to use finer or silkier yarn
  3. several years ago i embarked on a challenge to make 100 peg dolls, They all have legs and arms etc. I made the mistake of painting the heads with undercoat. I am thinking of taking them out and finishing them but i would love to be able to remove the paint without spoiling them. Any ideas ?
  4. I have a close freind and fellow miniature artisan, Someone that i learn a lot from, who has made entire dolls houses and displays using just card and paper and they are amazing to see.I have permission to show you this wedding store scene. she made it all and calls it 4 dimentional because there are removable parts. All in 12th scale miniature
  5. As a base for needle felting I use poly fibres, the stuff that pillows are filled with. It makes a great solid base and then I add marino wool. It takes to it really well. x I am making a needle felt doll at the moment, she is hardley a miniature at life size but it is working out quite well. I am halfway through the head right now.
  6. Have alook on Amazon. they sell lots of craft books
  7. I collect Miniature Christmas items to put in a Christmas village that I am building. I have been doing so for the past two years, even though I make most of the items myself, I still need things that I cannot make. I get donated all sorts from around the Uk. The latest was tiles for the roofs, I have to cut them all to shape before using them as they came from a slate mountain.
  8. Hi Jodi - If you are not sure what to ask for them why not put them up for auction , that way you may be surprized. There is a miniature auction group on facebook that may intererest you. x
  9. I could not live without the love and support of my Husband. He puts up with the mess I make when I am working on my miniatures, he lugs boxes and vacumes every day, he does most of the housework while giving me valuable playtime that keeps me sane. But if I had to name an object that I could not live without, It would be my Kindle, as when I do relax i love to read. I have just finished reading Jane Eyre and now onto the next
  10. I will not spend money on anything I do not need. I am not tight but I see so many people who spend money for therapy etc, I hate advertisments where they try to make you buy something because it is the latest thing. If I do not have a need for something I simply wont buy it. I do not drink, smoke or wear makeup. I do not do holidays because I can think of a hundred other things to throw money at that would leave me with more of a memory than just 2 weeks in the sun!. If I spend money there has to be something solid and memorable about it.
  11. I had visited one of the few parks in England that had a miniature village in it, from then I was hooked. age just 7. I am now building my own here in the UK but it is more to do with Christmas, I am building a Christmas Village. I will show pictures after it is launched publicly in 2019, until then I am unable to show pictures, But I may show works in progress on the contents from time to time. I have gone on in life now to be a designer of all things miniature and i would not have it any other way. x
  12. I am in Robin Hoods Country of the UK. My avatar is the picture I am always known for. It reflects the real me x
  13. I am new to this forum and I live in the UK. I have been interested in miniatures since I was 7 years old which is well over 50 years :). I would like to join in to offer any advice I can and take part in the discussions here. Please say Hi.
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