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  1. I love making anything out of paper love your pop up cards Erica and everyone paper creations it’s one of my passions to. i make these fairy nightlights right now
  2. Happy belated Mother’s Day my mom is 89 and we trying very hard to keep her safe it hard when you can’t hug and kiss your mom she help me with crafting I could get a good photo of her
  3. So my name is Cindy I am an avid papercrafter I have 2 craft rooms because I’m a hoarder, I love to alter and upcycle. My husband and I are beekeepers we have 30 productive hives and he,s the gardener and put up the food, cooking is a hobby to recently got into sous vide cooking. I work full time at shady Maple Smorgasbord (we seat 3000 people at one time larges Smorgasbord in USA,and of course I’m out of work),and have a bit down time on my hands. My dollhouse was given to me from my mother in law from 1985 it’s not a Greenleaf model I will have look to see what it is I did paint the sh
  4. Hi I’m new here I think I joined right after the site went down maybe, I inherited a in the box dollhouse from 1985 so I am going on an adventure I always wanted to, no grandchildren yet so I’m starting without them I’m an avid papercrafter and love to alter Things so I have a saved stash with ideas for decades been checking out your wonderful creations. I ha e a bit of collective personality some my biggest fear is that is going to shine though I guess we’ll see Thanks Cindy
  5. Newbie here made some dollhouses years ago for nieces since my son is not into doll houses and haven’t blessed me with grand daughters I guess its time to,make one for me, I love to make things from up cycles I collect everything I can get my hands on. At work my co workers always have a stash for me Ex plastic insert from paper rolls, blade holders that are little plastic boxes I get surprised on a regular basis I am a advid scrapbooker and card maker and a die cut junkie to I’m up,to two craft rooms so far in my house drives hubby crazy, we are commercial beekeepers also as a team.
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