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Original Colors for Orchid Exterior?

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Hi, Holly, and welcome to the forum!

There really aren't any "original colors" for any miniature houses, just whatever happened to be on the sample photographed for the box cover. You can make it any colors you like, realistic or fanciful.

Personally, I like semi-gloss satin finish paint for the exterior. It seems to fit the scale. (And high gloss paints tend to show up every little irregularity in the surface.)

Do search the forum for photos of Orchids made by other members. It is a popular house, yet you won't find any two that look alike!

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Welcome to the little family, Holly. If you like the colors in the picture on the box, go for it! It's your kit, your blank slate to play with as you see fit. I've done one wooden Orchid with "stone" and shingled exterior and I have another one someone built with hot glue I will finish taking apart (the hot glue gets brittle over time and things have been falling off of this one since before I bought it in the thrift store) and rebuild. I find that the houses tend to tell me what they want to look like, and so far I haven't had any want to look like the picture on the box; I built one Westville for a customer who wanted it to look "like on the box" and it didn't want to; but by golly I MADE it look like the one on the box and she loved it.

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If you really want to blow your mind with the ORchid, there are TWO team building blogs! because when we built that kit Dean had some of the community members volunteer to go head to head with the building team for a "build-off", just to show off how versatile all the GL and CC kits are.

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