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I am using the loose landscape material that is used for train sets. First I coated the “ground” with white glue and then sprinkled on which ever color I needed. There is extra material on top that didn’t get the glue. I do like the way it looks. But I was wonder about other people’s experience using this. Mainly if it gets dusty after time, how bad that may look. It would be difficult to clean. Does anyone coat their landscape with anything?

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I have use spray coats on the flocking. It will protect the "grass" to some degree, but it also gives it a more matted down plastic look. And it does not deter dust.

I use a LOT of white glue when I put down flock. It insures that I get a good thick layer of it and it is all glued securely.

You can always put down more glue and more flocking if you think you don't have enough held on securely.

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