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  1. in to check progress. me eyes are blurry reading to see when due date is. I am on my satellite for now and can do the 'follow' thingey. got all my updates done so that is over thank goodness. good thoughts to all. (hugs) LindaC
  2. Fema gave me about 1/6th of what I need. Of all times for printer to not cooperate. Took a flash drive with document pages of info including photos to the newspaper office to print so I can hopefully pick up today and get to post office. My box springs and mattress are still in living room :-) it is a true waiting game.
  3. oops that is over 100 miles west of me.
  4. this was June 1 and floods did recede leaving so much disaster. this was the El Reno storm that produced the F5 tornado over 100 west of me. It traveled hwy #40 dropping flood waters. as I said I know I am blessed.
  5. LindaC


    Things to 'thunk' about...
  6. Just read this entire thread. saluting all those waiting and wanting a sneak peek.... I won't enter this year but will watch the forum in anticipation for all. I am back to dial up if you remember how slow it is. better than nuttin. last night I was tempted to get my satellite account opened but battled myself through that. ((hugs)) to all, LindaC in OK
  7. thanks guys/gals. I know my heart has gone out to others who have had to do this. memories? you bet 15 years worth. I knew I wanted a dog and had always wanted a tiny chihuahua but the kids always wanted large dogs. Now it was my time retired to the country. I told my daughter if I got a chi it could fall in one of the critter holes on the property never to be seen again. She said I should get something heartier. looked and looked. walked in to a friends home and saw a tiny 3 month old rat terrier and knew that was the kind. friend said 'oh no you can't have hubbys baby'. I said I would wait for her to have mine. waited over a year and that little one named Chigger had 3 pups and only Charlie survived. Other than really bad teeth, growths on her body that haven't showed cancer but could sometime and cataracts Charlie had cocidiosis which is a minute microscopic parasite which is in the soil from wild birds and/or chickens. I use to raise chickens. It use to show a couple times a year then more and more then constantly. I know she was in pain. I almost lost her last year from regular annual shots and nails clipped. That is how much this stuff stresses. I said never again would I put her through that. Need out of the house so I am going 50 miles to a home improvement store looking for a container for my memory foam mattress for the storm cellar so it doesn't get spiders in it. I am better today but it doesn't take much for me to get going again... ((hugs)) to all
  8. With a sad and heavy heart had to have Charlie put to sleep yesterday. She would have been 15 soon and my buddy since she was 5 weeks old. I miss her so much and always will. She was in pain with health issues and getting worse.
  9. Will always have the ill health issues BUT decided I just can't afford online service. bummer. In the country and can only have satellite. what started out as a high enough cost increased about 1/3. No dial up out here anymore but it wouldn't do me any good at this time. Why it is even letting me online today I don't have a clue :-) Always thinking of everyone... Wishing you all well. ((hugs)) LindaC
  10. I've only used Magic Water. love it. It's a 2 part thingey. I did a pond also. should have painted base darker. Will do that when I do my lake scene... http://www.unrealdetails.com/ be sure to look in galleries. it is geared to rail road layouts but great ideas there.
  11. Prayers and ((hugs)) winging their way to you and yours.
  12. the link says Buy Now OR best offer.... see what you can do there. only 2.50 shipping so that is a plus.
  13. hi Cheryl, Welcome. It really was a fun project AND my first wiring so new experience there. On Greenleaf store page you can find previous winners. (or use to be) So many creative minds it really is amazing. good luck to you next year. oh, and to me :-) ta, Linda
  14. LindaC

    Wheelie bin

    I have one of these fun items. My friends son in law works for a company in England selling Real life ones and these are demos. :-)
  15. A train within a train. I like :-) The poster on the side is outstanding. keeping up with posts John. love to see the progress.
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