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  1. Yep, one and the same. Trying to find the name.
  2. Trying to find out the identity of this house. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Has anyone replaced the door on The Pierce with a better door? If so did you find one to fit or did you need to make the opening bigger? Thanks.
  4. That looks like a really good movie!! Can't wait to see it! Thanks for sharing!!!
  5. Oh it's been hot here, I'll try that. Thank you!!
  6. Awww, I can just imagine how terrible it must have been to lose her. I lost my Garfield in my move last year, I was heart broken! On another note I can't wait to get started on her. She's already expressed an interest in an art studio/craft room in her attic.
  7. Everything is in good shape, but they put all the woodwork on so everything has to come off to paint and paper. Then there are spots it's got to be taken apart to get at. But I'll try to salvage what I can, I really love this house!!!
  8. This is going to be a total redo. Any suggestions? It looks like it's been put together with hot glue, any tips on how to get her apart easily? Thanks in advance!
  9. I don't know. I've always painted the pieces, just felt sealing them was a good idea, I was afraid the bare wood may discolor the paper. Anyway, can't wait to get her! This week is going to be long!!!
  10. Picking this up on Saturday!! Can't wait!!!
  11. Thank you, I thought I moved it. Porch railings and roof for sure which aren't a problem. I'm waiting for more pics to see if there's anymore. I'm more concerned with repapering and if I'd have to disassembled.
  12. Looking to purchase a Pierce from someone who bought it to build and did for the most part but pieces needed to finish are missing. But, I'll replace stuff on it I don't care about that. What I was wondering is can it be papered after it's assembled? I built the Garfield and I know there were rooms I had to paper as I built. Since it's similar does that apply to the Pierce too?
  13. I've used Housework doors on Greenleaf houses before. The wood on the houses are thin enough I just used a utility knife. Doors come with templates so you have a guide to use to cut them. My doors that came with the kits never hang right for me, I know it's me, so prehung doors it is!!
  14. I've installed the tape wiring, do I need to paint over it before applying wallpaper?
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    Beautiful house!! Love it!!!
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    From the album: Misc.

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    A different corner shelf.
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    From the album: Misc.

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