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The White Rose


A closer view of the dry fit. I started by cutting the dentil molding square, but didn't like the look and couldn't decide what to do about embellishments for the empty corners it would create, even though my inspiration photo has cornices that square off at the corner. So I started cutting inside and outside corners and like the look of it. Someone please tell me if you think it looks odd or is wrong.

I'm adding a piece at the brow line to make it heavier, and plan to add this same thickness to the top roof line, but ran out of materials. Oh well, another trip to Beverly's! :)

That's an accident cut of siding on the front wall. But it helps give the effect.

The biggest challenge of the siding are the oval windows. Typically I cut and butt fit siding, which is what I'm doing on all surfaces except the two walls that have oval windows. Trying to cut the siding to create a smooth oval opening to match up with the window is difficult enough, but I wasn't going to even try to cut out around the intricate exterior trim of those windows. This means that there are four thicknesses (inside trim, wall, siding, exterior trim) for these openings, but I think it will be fine. I may position the "glass" mid point instead of behind the interior trim, but I see how it looks when I get closer to that step.

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The White Rose

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I was just hemming and hawing about those circle windows last night. They are a bit troublesome for the siding.

I looooove the way this looks -- it's beautiful!!!

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Thank you :)

If I didn't love the details of the exterior trim for the oval windows so much, I'd use them inside and the interior ones outside.

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