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  1. Blondie

    Blarney Castle

    What a PERFECT gift from a European vacation. :) Fantastic.
  2. Blondie


    This story really touched my heart. You're a very good grandma!!
  3. Even all naked like that, the tanks are SO cool!
  4. Blondie

    kitchen close Up

    We are always our own worst critics. To me, it looks fabulous!!
  5. Blondie

    Bed detail

    Be careful. This is how we all end up with like 50 dollhouses -- to get more room. Haha!!
  6. Blondie

    Bed detail

    I absolutely love the fact that you've incorporated items from your loved ones. It makes it even more beautiful.
  7. Blondie

    Bed detail

    It's beautiful!
  8. Blondie

    Starting the floor

    Wow! That's a lot of beating up one floor! Hahaha.
  9. Blondie

    Tudor Cottage

    Wow!!!! Look at all of those purty flowers! :) And thank you SO much for the quarter. ;)
  10. Blondie

    Tudor Cottage

    They're so cheery!
  11. Blondie

    Tudor Cottage

    Very very well done!!!
  12. Blondie

    baluster progress 2

    I love this photo. The unique angles in the photos you take with your houses are so fun. Way to go!!! :) I love this!
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