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There are actually "shrink tubes" you can purchase. They slide onto your wires, twist the copper wires together, slide the tubes down over the splice and then use a hair dryer or heat gun to make it constrict and set the splice. I used it in the Gloucester.

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Wow :o Kabrina thanks!! I will have to go get some. I have a few broken lights I picked up at a yard sale............cool! Again Thank you!!

oh ps I guess that insulates the wire right ? so you d on't get shocked?

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Right .. the shrink tube is a substitue for the electrical tape. You just have to be sure that the tubing covers the entire section of raw wires.

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I just bought some of the liquid electrical tape but haven't tried it yet. I'll give it a whirl in the next couple of days and let you know how it works. The shrink tubes are great, but they are expensive if you have a lot of wiring to do.

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