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LPCullen's Scarecrows


I had such a great time making these. I bought the bales of hay, and Jimmy cut my boards. I made the bodies of the scarecrows using pipecleaners and a cotton ball, and I used Sculpey clay to make the faces which I then painted. For the hair I used embroidery thread, and I just sort of designed their clothes and then glued them on using liquid stitch. I was trying to figure out what to do for a hat and was sitting on the front porch when an acorn fell. Eureka! The hat is the top of an acorn!

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Fall Swap 2005

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Hehe y'all we gotta keep an eye on these little fellas....after my daughter and I had looked at all the swap items....she opened them for me..and then woke me up! Anyway after we had looked at them all....we started putting them back in their packages for safe-keeping (so my dogs would get into them) and when we put this little fella back in his sack....well, you may not believe this but .... he turned his little head and was looking at us from the sack. But, I think he was trying to say "Don't put me in here....I want to be out!" So, I put him on the bookshelf next to the computer so he can keep an eye on me while I'm on the computer. I put all the scarecrows up there together...they get along quite well. And they laugh at the dogs and cats as they go by..cuz the animals can't reach them.

Thank you Linda


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